12 Myths About Electric Bikes

December 2, 2016 News

Electric bikes continue to grow in popularity, in fact they are predicted to boom within the next two years due to vast sales. Cheaper than cars and motorbikes, easy to charge and equipped with pedal assistance, these efficient vehicles allow you to take full control of your ride.

Electric bikes are a little different from the standard bicycle, but many people seem to have picked up some false information about them.

“Aren’t they cheating?” seems to be a reoccurring statement when it comes to e-bikes. As UK electric bike specialists, we understand that certain misconceptions are inevitable – that’s why we’re here to set the record straight…

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Myth one: e-bikes are for lazy people

Fact: Electric bikes are designed to be 50/50 pedal assist with the rider doing half the work. Although less effort is required, the majority of riders who switch to electric bikes claim that they actually tend to cycle greater distances, thus making more use of them. E-bikescan also function as standard bicycles without pedal assistance – depending how you are feeling on the day, you can take or leave the extra help.

Myth two: e-bikes are not environmentally friendly

Fact: Electric bikes do not create unhealthy vapours and batteries can be recycled so that they do not pose a threat to the environment. In fact, switching to an electric bike for short journeys and not using your car helps to reduce Nitrous Oxide emissions in the atmosphere!

Myth three: e-bikes are the same as mopeds

Fact: Electric bicycles have pedals and are limited to 15.5 mph under power and can be used on cycle paths. Providing a form of exercise, these factors instantly differentiate them from mopeds. Truthfully, there are probably more differences than similarities between the two. Moped users cannot travel within bicycle areas, paths or parks, whereas electric bike owners gain all the same benefits as those who ride conventional bicycles.


Myth four: e-bikes are limited on distance

Fact: Electric bikes will only do 15 mph legally. The range will be limited by the capacity of the battery and the percentage power you use. Batteries are designed to be fully charged overnight so that they can be used every day.

Additionally, the battery can be remotely charged pretty much anywhere where there is a plug socket or computer.

Myth five: e-bikes are overpriced

Fact: Compared to the cost of motorcycles, cars, vans and other automobiles, electric bikes will save you money rather than cost you. Many e-bikes are priced high due to containing ‘high end’ bicycle parts. The best value for money may be an electric bike with good quality components and a battery built on a relatively simple bicycle.

Think of all the things you won’t have to pay for, including petrol bills, insurance and tax. The list goes on. You can compare the electric bike with the standard car by taking a look at our infographic.

Myth six: you need a driving license to ride an e-bike

Fact: You don’t. Riding an e-bike really is as simple as that. You are permitted to ride your electric bike with no insurance, registration and license and even no helmet, but you must be over the age of 14.

Myth seven: you can’t ride an e-bike in the rain

Fact: Axcess Electric Bikes is based in the UK and is therefore used to dealing with unpredictable British weather. However, living with the occasional rainy day does not mean that your commute cannot take place. All of the electric components are weatherproof and sealed, meaning that no matter what the weather, you can enjoy the ride without the risk.

Myth eight: e-bikes are not safe

Fact: All of our electric bikes are built to EU regulations and standards, with specialist pedal assistance and control systems.


Myth nine: e-bikes require lots of extra maintenance

Fact: Although they require basic maintenance, there’s not much more upkeep involved than that of a standard bicycle. Electric components usually never need maintenance and good quality motors can be expected to go for several thousand miles without maintenance, the most common problem with an electric bike is under inflated tyres.

Brake and gear checks and regular servicing can be carried out by a mechanic and you can discover a list of e-bike maintenance tips here.

Myth ten: e-bikes don’t last

Fact: Electric bikes are just as reliable as a high-end bicycle. How you treat and care for your bike depends on the durability, for example. Leaving it out in the cold over time could affect the performance, but if you care for your e-bike, there’s no reason it can’t last. We now have hundreds of bikes over 5 years old, most of them are still going strong and are still using their original batteries.

Myth eleven: e-bikes take away the exercise benefit

Fact: With a little help from an electric bike, you are in control of your workout at all times. Whether you require assistance with that hefty hill or fancy riding completely unassisted, the possibilities are endless. Many of those who switch to electric find themselves making more use of their bike as they are still incorporating exercise into daily life. It all depends what you’re comparing it to.

Myth twelve: e-bikes are cheating

Fact: If you enjoy green living, having fun, getting out in the fresh air, exercise and saving money, then there really is no ‘cheating’ with an e-bike. An electric bike is simply a form of assistance that means that you won’t have to struggle uphill!

Electric bikes are actually encouraging people of all ages to get active and all they do is make the ride smoother and more enjoyable. It’s all a matter of how much assistance you desire on the day.


Has your motor car with a petrol or diesel engine reached its nadir? European cities are starting to ban diesel vehicles and employers are beginning to restrict car parking spaces for those who live within 5 miles of their work place. As time goes by, more households will realise the benefit of having a small, convenient, electrically assisted vehicle in the garage for short trips, ease and recreation. The only thing that will be cheated is the build of of exhaust gases in the atmosphere…


So, there you have it – we have debunked 12 common myths about the use of electric bicycles. At Axcess Electric Bikes we supply dependable and durable electric bikes with pedal assist and throttles for UK customers. To find out more, please browse our e-bike range or contact us today.

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Having reached the age of 71, I decided that having retired I would get myself a bike again, and after much thought and also a lot of time on the internet, I decided that an electric bike would suit me better, and also that a folding bike would be useful as I could go places with my bike in the car, without the hassle of removing a wheel each time, also living in a flat a folding bike in It's bag is a lot less obtrusive. While on the Internet I came across 'Axcess Electric Bikes' site, this was not only very helpful, but gave a very wide choice of bikes, both in style and price. I drove up to Honiton to have a look at them for real. On arrival I saw a second-hand bike outside which I really liked, but It was not a folding one and I had to remind myself that I had decided on a folding Bike. On going in The showroom I was greeted by a very friendly lady who as it turned out was very helpful and knowledgeable. There was no pressure to buy and was encouraged to take my time to look at the stock. I decided to buy a New Axcess Shetland and asked to take it with me. The Gent who was working on the bikes in the workshop area, said that he would check it over immediately, and he also demonstrated how it folded and fitted in the bag which I also purchased. I was allowed to take it out for a test ride before purchase. It is a lovely bike, as has a really firm feel to it, and ideal for what I want. Being a folding bike it has a step through frame which I find easier a feature that even my Sister likes. (Come to that she did not want me to take the bike away with me when I visited her.). I use it for shopping, going on photography outings, or just going for a ride. I am still amazed as to how effective the battery assist is. The ratings only go up to very good, but I would rate both the bike and the firm as excellent. Should I decide to buy another Bike in the future, I shall go straight to Axcess Elctric Bikes of Honiton. Since retiring from a very physical job I found my knees were getting stiff, cycling has cured that. Thank You
Very happy with my Shetland electric bike . I spent many hours searching web sites to ensure the bike i bought would not be difficult to get spares for after a few year, especially the battery. Axcess were so helpful and i feel confident that if i had any problems they could sort it. If you are thinking of getting an electric bike you can buy with confidence from this company .
Personal service of the owner Peter Blackman and his staff. Many good quality Ebikes to see and try.
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