Axcess Hunter step-through


The Axcess Hunter’s 18” step-through frame makes it easy to mount and ride. Popular with ladies and gents, there are many options available to give you the bike you want.

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Axcess Hunter step-through

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Since its introduction in 2012, the Hunter has gone from strength to strength and is our best selling bike, combining comfort with practicality and durability.

The new thumb throttle works up to 4mph. and makes it even easier and safe to start off on a hill or in traffic.  When pedaling the thumb throttle will instantly give you full power up to 15.5mph. But if you stop pedaling,the bike will slow to 4mph.

Since 2016 all Axcess range bikes are fitted with new battery technology. The cells in the battery are constructed differently, each cell is smaller and manufactured similarly to a standard dry cell. This provides more concentrated energy in each cell (known as 18650 cells)and improved quality assurance.  The height of the 16 Ah battery has been reduced from 470 mm. to 400 mm and weight reduced by 900 grams.

The 18” step through frame makes it really easy to mount and to use so is very popular with men and women. The comfortable swept back handle bars and riding position combine for a relaxed ride, with the gears and controls at your fingertips.

The choice of 3 levels of electric power assistance on Pedal assist have been enhanced for 2015. The pedal assist can be switched OFF, so you can ride as a normal bike but have the throttle switched ON for instant power. 6 Shimano gears to ensure the rider can assist the power when needed, either to climb an incline or to reduce the effort so preventing you getting hot and sweaty.

The 250 watt motor (the maximum allowed for UK road use) is powered by a 36 volt 10 Ah battery which we have tested as delivering 25 -30 miles on medium power pedal assist. The optional 16 Ah battery will return 45 – 50 miles. Batteries can be charged on the bike or unlocked and removed. The saddles tilt to enable the battery to be removed. Saddles are fitted with a quick release on the stem for height adjustment and have a reflective rear strip and reflector.

Full length mudguards, and full chain guard keep the rider clean. The handlebars are adjustable for height and reach which combine with Top gun front suspension forks to give you a comfortable ride. The Wuxing brake levers are fitted with sensors which cut the motor as soon as the lever is pulled so you never brake against the motor power.

Double wall aluminium wheel rims and 26” X 1.75” road tyres give a good combination traction on the road and long range by reducing friction on the road . The value, quality, power and reliability make the Hunter ideal for general road use. Those wanting to use the bike frequently on tracks or muddy paths can ask us to fit the 1.95” tyres fitted to Mustang.

All Axcess electric bikes are available with a number of options which can be selected. To see the options more clearly, they are photographed in our Accessories section. The Hunter is also available as a Hunter Dressage.

Improved Warranty.

The frames on the bikes are guaranteed 24 months.

The motors on the bikes are guaranteed 24 months

The batteries have a 24 month qualified guarantee. 90% capacity after 12 months and 75% capacity after 24 months. The right is reserved to inspect the battery for signs of neglect, lack of use, misuse or immersion in water.

All other components are guaranteed 12 months

Cosumable items such as brake pads and tyres are not covered unless of faulty construction.

EN15191 and EN14764 test certificate of Conformity available for this bike, as required by the Spanish Authorities. To be legalin the EU the throttle should be disabled.

Technical Specification

Bike Model Axcess Hunter Step-through Standard Specification
Battery Type 36 Volt X 10Ah Lithium Ion 36 Volt X 16Ah Lithium Ion
Power 250 watt brushless motor
Weight 25kg with battery. weight of battery 3.8kg
Load Capacity 120Kg
Maximum Speed 15mph. Under power for UK law
Climbing Ability 15 degrees, throttle only
Charge Time 4-6 hours Full Charge. 2-3 hours Part Charge
Wheels 26″
Frame 18″
Range in Miles 36 Volt X 10Ah Battery. 15 – 20 miles throttle only 25 – 30 miles medium power pedal assist. 36 Volt X 16Ah Battery. 25 – 30 miles throttle only. 45 – 50 miles medium power pedal assist.
Front Suspension Front
Gears 6 Speed Shimano Tourney, with Shimano SIS Index gear change.
Brakes Type Tektro V brakes front and rear with Wuxing Electric bike brake levers. Upgrades available
Stand Center Stand
Lights Type Reflectors Only. Upgrades available
Rack Rear Rack with 25Kg Safe Working Load
Chain Teflon coated Steel
Power Control OFF/On Button. 3 Pedal assist Power Settings. Thumb Throttle.
Tyres Type Kenda 26 X 1.95
Price £1050.00   36 Volt X 10Ah battery. £1270.00 36 V X 16Ah Battery

Additional information

Weight 23 kg

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4.85 / 5 Rating
94 Reviews
Having reached the age of 71, I decided that having retired I would get myself a bike again, and after much thought and also a lot of time on the internet, I decided that an electric bike would suit me better, and also that a folding bike would be useful as I could go places with my bike in the car, without the hassle of removing a wheel each time, also living in a flat a folding bike in It's bag is a lot less obtrusive. While on the Internet I came across 'Axcess Electric Bikes' site, this was not only very helpful, but gave a very wide choice of bikes, both in style and price. I drove up to Honiton to have a look at them for real. On arrival I saw a second-hand bike outside which I really liked, but It was not a folding one and I had to remind myself that I had decided on a folding Bike. On going in The showroom I was greeted by a very friendly lady who as it turned out was very helpful and knowledgeable. There was no pressure to buy and was encouraged to take my time to look at the stock. I decided to buy a New Axcess Shetland and asked to take it with me. The Gent who was working on the bikes in the workshop area, said that he would check it over immediately, and he also demonstrated how it folded and fitted in the bag which I also purchased. I was allowed to take it out for a test ride before purchase. It is a lovely bike, as has a really firm feel to it, and ideal for what I want. Being a folding bike it has a step through frame which I find easier a feature that even my Sister likes. (Come to that she did not want me to take the bike away with me when I visited her.). I use it for shopping, going on photography outings, or just going for a ride. I am still amazed as to how effective the battery assist is. The ratings only go up to very good, but I would rate both the bike and the firm as excellent. Should I decide to buy another Bike in the future, I shall go straight to Axcess Elctric Bikes of Honiton. Since retiring from a very physical job I found my knees were getting stiff, cycling has cured that. Thank You
Very happy with my Shetland electric bike . I spent many hours searching web sites to ensure the bike i bought would not be difficult to get spares for after a few year, especially the battery. Axcess were so helpful and i feel confident that if i had any problems they could sort it. If you are thinking of getting an electric bike you can buy with confidence from this company .
Personal service of the owner Peter Blackman and his staff. Many good quality Ebikes to see and try.
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