axcess shetland folding electric bike
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Axcess Shetland Folding Electric Bike


The Axcess Shetland with its 250 watt 36 V motor and 20″ wheels is a powerful sturdy folding bike that packs away when not needed.

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Axcess Shetland Folding Electric Bike

The Axcess Shetland Folding Electric Bike is sturdy, robust, strong and with the same power and drive as our full-sized bikes, the Shetland Folder is a formidable accessory for anyone’s freedom. 

The new thumb throttle works up to 4mph, making it easier to start off on a hill or in traffic.  The bike will move off up to 4mph (6KPH), and the throttle-assist feature can be used to produce a full power of up to 15 mph (25kph).

The Axcess Shetland Folding Electric Bike now has improved features including new battery technology and the chain size wheel has been increased for faster pedalling.

This e-bike contains high-quality components such as the sealed crank bearing between the two pedals, Tektro branded brakes, 3 power pedal assist settings and the thumb throttle. These features have been designed to improve your overall riding experience.

The Axcess range of bikes are all fitted with new battery technology. The cells in the battery are constructed so that each cell is smaller and manufactured similarly to a standard dry cell. This provides more concentrated energy in each cell and improved quality assurance.  The height of the 16 Ah battery has been reduced so that it no longer impedes the lowering of the saddle to the minimum height.

This folding e-bike has been designed to maximize rider comfort. The frame is 2” longer than many similar looking bikes and with the curved handlebar, a further 1” is gained. This extra 3” length makes the riding position much more comfortable, while the 2.15” chunky tyres give good grip on paths and tracks.

We have increased the maximum recommended rider weight to 120Kg, and developed a “Stepped Controller”. This means that the bike does not rush off as soon as you start riding. The electronic controller reacts to your needs increasing the power as you pedal faster.

The Shetland folds in just a few seconds and will fit easily into the back of your car, motorhome or on your boat giving you amazing freedom to explore when you arrive at a new destination. It also stows away easily in a cupboard or under the stairs if you are a bit short of space at home.

A range of accessories is available, including a 16″ wicker basket, which does not impede the folding. Carry bag and various panniers fit well on this bike.

FREE delivery to UK addresses (Except Highlands and Islands)

FREE  14 Days Insurance

Approx Dimensions when folded:

Length: 30″ 84cm

Height 26″ 74cm

Width 19″ 47cm


  • 24-month frame guarantee
  • 24-month motor guarantee
  • 24-month qualified battery guarantee. 90% capacity after 12 months and 75% capacity after 24 months. The right is reserved to inspect the battery for signs of neglect, lack of use, misuse or immersion in water.
  • All other components are guaranteed 12 months
  • Consumable items such as brake pads and tyres are not covered unless of faulty construction.
  • EN15191 and EN14764 Certificate available on request. To comply with the EU regulations being enforced in Spain, the throttle should be disabled.

Technical Specification

Bike Model Axcess Shetland Folding
Battery Type 36 Volt X 10Ah 36 Volt X 16Ah
Power 250watt brushless motor
Weight 24Kg with battery. Battery weighs 3.8Kg.
Load Capacity 120kg
Maximum Speed 15mph (25kph) under power for UK law.
Climbing Ability 15° Throttle Only
Charge Time 4-6 hours. Full Charge 2-3 hours. Part Charge
Wheels 20 inch
Frame 17 inch
Range in Miles 36 Volt X 10Ah Battery. 15-20 miles – throttle only. 25-30 miles – medium power pedal assist.

36 Volt X 16Ah Battery. 25-30 miles – throttle only 45-50 miles medium power pedal assist.

Front Suspension Zoom suspension forks
Gears 6 speed Shimano Tourney with Shimano SIS Index gear change.
Brakes Type Tektro V Brakes front and rear
Stand Side Stand
Lights Type Reflectors only as standard
Rack Rear parcel pack with 25 Kg safe working load
Chain Teflon coated Steel
Power Control OFF/ON button. 3 Power settings for pedal Assist. Thumb Throttle
Handlebar Adjustment Polished Bright folding handlebars. Adjustable for height.
Tyres Type 2.15 inch Kenda
Price 36 Volt X 10Ah battery £995.00 36 Volt X 16Ah battery £1215.00

Additional information

Weight 23 kg


I bought an Axcess Shetland folding bike. It is well finished and well made. The 20″ wheels makes it smaller when folded but still capable of handling rough surfaces. The 2″ wide tyres also make the ride softer and give better grip on loose surfaces. It is easy to get on, and the thumb throttle gives a boost to get you going. Being unfit and overweight and 70 it enables me to go up gentle hills and extends the distances I could travel on foot. On hills of 30ft rise in 300ft or more, I am still limited before I run out of puff. On shallowers slopes there is no problem. For steep slopes I walk the bike (using the thumb throttle). A geared crank drive might be better on steeper hills, but they are more expensive and I hear they can be more difficult to repair. This appears simple, I’m all for keeping it simple. My use of this bike is mainly to travel to a set destination by car and then use it on mainly unsurfaced green lanes for wildlife surveying. It would make a good about town shopper as it comes with a solid rear parcel rack, you can put a lot in their rear double pannier.Overall I am quite happy with it, it does what it is supposed to do.

Verified Buyer

I recently purchased an Axcess Shetland folding Ebike. It took me a couple of weeks to get used to it but I think it is brilliant. No more walking up hills and it fits easily into the car. Dealer was very helpful.

Mr & M

We unfortunately purchased the wrong size bikes to fit in our motorhome but Access bikes were willing to swap these for foldable versions. Very happy with the bikes and the service.

Verified Buyer

We purchased two Shetland folding bikes, we are happy with them, I did find it different to get used to at first, my husband rides his to work everyday, his only comment is they are quite heavy to pick up when folded, but we are in our sixties, would recommend to others.

Verified Buyer

I purchased a Shetland folding electric bike just before Christmas. I have used it frequently and I have been very impressed with it.

Mr M E

Love it! I have a dodgy knee, which can’t put pressure on the pedal, but now I can cycle again, as the bike takes the strain.

Mrs A B

One of the best perches i have ever made ,I can now do more for the environment
Henry Johnson

Mr H J

Haven’t had the bike for long but great so far. Staff very friendly and welcoming plus six week free service of the bike was a welcome bonus.

Mrs M G

Having reached the age of 71, I decided that having retired I would get myself a bike again, and after much thought and also a lot of time on the internet, I decided that an electric bike would suit me better, and also that a folding bike would be useful as I could go places with my bike in the car, without the hassle of removing a wheel each time, also living in a flat a folding bike in It’s bag is a lot less obtrusive. While on the Internet I came across ‘Axcess Electric Bikes’ site, this was not only very helpful, but gave a very wide choice of bikes, both in style and price. I drove up to Honiton to have a look at them for real. On arrival I saw a second-hand bike outside which I really liked, but It was not a folding one and I had to remind myself that I had decided on a folding Bike. On going in The showroom I was greeted by a very friendly lady who as it turned out was very helpful and knowledgeable. There was no pressure to buy and was encouraged to take my time to look at the stock. I decided to buy a New Axcess Shetland and asked to take it with me. The Gent who was working on the bikes in the workshop area, said that he would check it over immediately, and he also demonstrated how it folded and fitted in the bag which I also purchased. I was allowed to take it out for a test ride before purchase. It is a lovely bike, as has a really firm feel to it, and ideal for what I want. Being a folding bike it has a step through frame which I find easier a feature that even my Sister likes. (Come to that she did not want me to take the bike away with me when I visited her.). I use it for shopping, going on photography outings, or just going for a ride. I am still amazed as to how effective the battery assist is. The ratings only go up to very good, but I would rate both the bike and the firm as excellent. Should I decide to buy another Bike in the future, I shall go straight to Axcess Elctric Bikes of Honiton. Since retiring from a very physical job I found my knees were getting stiff, cycling has cured that. Thank You

Mr Mervyn B

Very happy with my Shetland electric bike . I spent many hours searching web sites to ensure the bike i bought would not be difficult to get spares for after a few year, especially the battery. Axcess were so helpful and i feel confident that if i had any problems they could sort it. If you are thinking of getting an electric bike you can buy with confidence from this company .

Verified Buyer

I recently purchased the Axcess Electric Shetland folding bike which fits nicely In the back of my SUV without having to lower the rear seats. It’s an excellent bike and build .. easy to mount and dismount .. perfectly suitable for me as I am now in my mid fifties and appreciate a little assistance nowadays on longer journeys and Inclines , that said It’s a great bike for any adult whatever there age and as they say … It has the power to get you there and back. I have previously owned two other electric cycles of another brand that were hard work to cycle when the power was off even on the flat. I’m pleased to say that this Is not an Issue with the Axcess Electric Bike that you can pedal with ease If and when the power Is not required ..

Mr Steve D

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We found everyone at Axcess Electric Bikes extremely helpful. We chose a Raleigh Captus Crossbar and was able to test ride it before buying it and they even delivered it the same day! The electric bike is so easy to use and as we live at the top of a hill we don't have to worry about getting home after a long ride! We can't recommend them highly enough.
Excellent! what a difference its made to my life. No more having to phone for a taxi to take me into Honiton. I now just get on my bike and I'm in the centre of town in 10 minutes. My only quetion is....why didn't I get one earlier!
It is great for hilly places which is where I live. What I like is the fact that I can pedal if I want, then if a hill is steep I can turn the motor up. It's great when I cycle with younger fitter friends it means I can keep up.
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