Cycling Reduces Cancer & Heart Disease Risk by Half!

April 20, 2017 Electric Bikes

A new study shows that cycling to work prevents major diseases, cutting the risk of developing cancer or heart disease by almost half! Overall, cyclists had a 41% lower risk of premature death from any cause.

It is predicted that a shift from cars to more active modes of travel will not only decrease traffic in congested city centres, but it will also mean reduced air pollution and even more health benefits.

At Axcess, we specialise in providing high-quality electric bikes and mountain bikes online and in Exeter, and this new information links very well to our recently produced infographic on the benefits of cycling to work.

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Cycling or walking?

Walking to work is associated with a 27% lower risk of developing cardiovascular disease, and a 36% lower risk of it being fatal Although walking is beneficial, research suggests that cycling offers advantages that directly link to health.

There was no link found between a reduced risk of cancer premature death and those who walk. This is perhaps due to the fact that cyclists cover 30 miles per week on average, whereby walkers cover six miles.

The new five-year study, executed by researchers from the University of Glasgow, found that out of 264,337 people – 52% of which were female – found that cycling to the workplace is linked to a 45% reduction risk of developing cancer and a 46% lower risk of cardiovascular disease, compared with those taking public transport or driving to work.

Experts behind this study said that the benefits observed in cycling compared to walking could be down to several factors. These include the following:

  • Cyclists generally cover longer distances
  • Cycling is a higher intensity exercise
  • Cyclists are overall more fit than walkers

cycling health benefits

The future of cycling

Dr Jason Gill (The Institute of Cardiovascular and Medical Sciences at Glasgow) says that the Government needs to look at ways to make it easier and more efficient for people to commute to work by bike, with more cycle lanes, city bike hire and cycle purchase schemes.

According to Dr Gill, these would create: “major opportunities for public health improvement”.

The great thing about biking is that this it doesn’t just encourage work commuters, but those wanting to get out and about with friends or see places by bike rather than via car or on foot. The aim is to get more people using bikes than cars, making them more physically active.

With UK Government initiatives like the Cycle to Work Scheme, employees and employers can reap the benefits of a healthier workforce, and at Axcess Electric Bikes, we are proud to be part of this.

Further cycling health benefits

Adjusting your daily commute by cycling to work could be the perfect lifestyle change. Cycling is easy on the joints and helps improve fitness while saving you time and money! Here are just a few of the main benefits.

Cycling can burn 600 calories an hour depending on your speed
There is an 18% reduction in sick time for cyclists
20 miles of cycling a week can reduce the risk of heart disease by 50%
Cyclists breathe 60% less carbon monoxide than car drivers

How do electric bikes relate to this study?

France has witnessed a 30% growth in e-bike sales, and with this new information coming to light, Axcess predicts that the sales of standard and electric bikes across the UK are predicted to boom. With electric bikes offering benefits to people for many different reasons already, this is another worthwhile reason to choose your bike over the bus.

While they may look like standard two-wheelers, electric bikes hold strong environmental credentials and are a very cost-effective way to commute. Many cyclists are now using e-bikes to seek a little extra power while gaining a good amount of exercise.

The trick to using your e-bike for fitness is to use the motor just enough to keep going.

Axcess Electric Bikes

As a specialist UK e-bike shop, we are passionate about showing people just how much electric assisted bicycles can improve their lives. We stock a range of well-known brands and aim to provide a great product to our customers, as well as first-class customer service.

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To speak with a member of our team or to test ride one of our e-bikes, give us a call or fill out our enquiry form today.

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I bought my bike, the Axcess Eriskay the first week in Jan 2018. I was well looked after by Peter, I knew what I was buying as the previous year I had bought my wife an Axcess Camargue and so I didnt have a problem going back to the same shop to buy mine. Peter and his staff can not be any more helpful in my opinion. If you decide on a bike but want a few cosmetic changes, they are more than happy to oblige, my wife wanted different handlebars and a change of tyre type. Since buying my wifes bike I have also bought maps and pannier bags. I do not have a problem recommending this shop to anyone who requires an electric bike.
Axcess were the nearest specialist supplier of Ebikes, and there web page gave good descriptions. I visited their premises, tried out their folding models around the factory estate and on that basis chose a ELife folding bike as the one best suited to my needs. I have been pleased with the model I chose. - It is of robust construction with front fork suspension and it deals well with farm tracks and forest trails - it folds easily and fits in the back of the car - it shrinks distances compared with my old pedal bike - it has coped with all hills I have so far tried it on - I don't know what its range is (30 miles seems about right for gentle countryside). I had thought that battery capacity would be a limitation, but it is not. It is in fact saddle soreness.
I recently purchased the Axcess Electric Shetland folding bike which fits nicely In the back of my SUV without having to lower the rear seats. It’s an excellent bike and build .. easy to mount and dismount .. perfectly suitable for me as I am now in my mid fifties and appreciate a little assistance nowadays on longer journeys and Inclines , that said It’s a great bike for any adult whatever there age and as they say ... It has the power to get you there and back. I have previously owned two other electric cycles of another brand that were hard work to cycle when the power was off even on the flat. I’m pleased to say that this Is not an Issue with the Axcess Electric Bike that you can pedal with ease If and when the power Is not required ..
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