8 E-Bike Safety Tips

May 26, 2016 Electric Bikes

They’re heaps of fun to ride, can be a great way to save money and are predicted to be the future of travel, but if you’re looking to make the most of your electric bike, there are certain rules to follow and some useful tips to know about so that you can ride with no worries or fears.

E-Bikes assist us with pedaling, making your commute more relaxed, it is vital however, that you stay alert at all times when in control of one.

By following these 8 electric bike safety tips displayed in this infographic, you’ll be more safe on the road and cruising with confidence in no time. Without following these basic rules, you could be at higher risk of a cycling accident – or worse. Let’s make sure that your next ride is as safe as it can be.

Electric Bike Safety Tips

The more experience you get on the road, the more alert you’ll be to road patterns and will conform to a safer way of riding. If you’re a new cyclist, it’s essential that you take care of your safety first and foremost. You wouldn’t dream of driving a car or motorbike without using your indicators or being wary of traffic – an electrically assisted bike should be absolutely no different and there are still a number of dangers to be wary of.

On average cycling to work can be 50% faster than driving in the UK!

Cycling to work can be 50% faster than driving – but that doesn’t mean that you can ride carelessly or ignore the rules of the road.

1. Always protect your head

It may seem obvious, but a helmet is an absolute necessity when it comes to riding your electric bike. Wearing head safety gear (correctly) even if you’re only going for a short ride is crucial, this will be the only defense you have for your head – so purchase one that’s going to last you! The hurricane helmet is a popular choice amongst our customers at Axcess Electric Bikes.

2. Stay visible

You must ALWAYS be in site of a driver. It’s a harsh reality but if they can’t see you, you’re more likely to be involved in an accident. Lights and reflectors are essential and it’s compulsory to have the following if you cycle at night:

  • A white front light
  • A red rear light
  • A red rear and white front reflector
  • Amber/yellow pedal reflectors front and back on each pedal

3. Obey the traffic laws INCLUDING traffic lights


There are a number of traffic rules that you must follow at all times to avoid being one of these statistics. As a cyclist, you may have the privilege of cycle lanes and rapid routes, but you must not take advantage of red lights because they still apply to YOU.

  • Pay attention to traffic lights
  • Stick to cycle tracks/lanes
  • NEVER cycle on a pavement
  • Be considerate of ALL other road users and pedestrians
  • Always make intended directions aware through signals
  • Never carry passengers unless your bicycle is intended to do so
  • Never cycle dangerously or carelessly
  • If any of these offences are committed, you could be facing a pretty hefty fine. The maximum penalty for dangerous cycling is £2,500.

Read more about the penalty charges for cycling offences.

4. Use bike mirrors

Driving a car without the right mirrors would put your life in danger, so bike’s shouldn’t be an exception if you really want to maximise your safety. The over-the-shoulder check can be too risky in certain road situations and a mirror helps you from straying off line and keeps your focus firmly in front of you and behind you without having to steer off balance.

5. Wear appropriate clothing

It’s very wise to wear visible, appropriate and comfortable clothing when riding an electric bicycle. Although you won’t break as much of a sweat, you must conform to current regulations so that you will not risk your sight.

  • A correctly sized and fastened helmet
  • Avoid wearing clothes that will tangle in the chain or pedals
  • Wear light coloured or fluorescent clothing to help other road users see you in poor lighting
  • Reflective accessories will maximise your safety

6. NEVER forget to signal your intended direction

Forgetting to signal could be the difference between life and death. As a cyclist on the road, you must take extra care when protecting yourself. Cars and motorbikes wouldn’t switch lanes without safely indicating their next intended move, as an e-bike owner, you shouldn’t be any different. Other road users must always be aware of where you’re going.

7. Stay alert to obstacles

cycling-on-roadElectric biking should always be a fun and relaxed experience, but you must also ensure that you’re aware of the potential obstacles that could catch you off-guard during your commute. Making sure you’re keeping an eye out for the following could prevent you from having a bumpy ride…

  • Animals
  • Pedestrians
  • Other cyclists
  • Large puddles
  • Leaves and metal grids
  • Mud
  • Cars, Motorbikes, Buses & lorries
  • Holes and bumps in the road

8. Don’t get distracted

The natural outdoor beauty and scenery that you can view on a bike ride can be so captivating, it can set you off focus. Don’t let this happen – whether you receive a text message, phone call, or simply feel like you need to take a break to catch your breath, get off the road as quickly as you can! If you don’t, the harsh truth is that you’re putting your life at risk.

Don’t forget:

  • All cyclists must conform with the existing pedal cycle standards.
  • Never ride under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Do not ride in a dangerous or careless manner
  • Never hold onto a moving vehicle or trailer
  • Do not ride through red traffic lights
  • ENJOY your electric bike!


These guidelines are sure to magnify your safety on the roads. By respecting all road users and allowing yourself to be seen at all times, you’ll ride positively and decisively, minimising your risk of injuries or accidents.
Axcess Electric Bikes are an independent e-bike store in Exeter. Browse our fantastic range of electric bikes and folding e-bikes. We additionally offer servicing and spares and accessories. If you’d like to find out more, please get in touch.

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Axcess were the nearest specialist supplier of Ebikes, and there web page gave good descriptions. I visited their premises, tried out their folding models around the factory estate and on that basis chose a ELife folding bike as the one best suited to my needs. I have been pleased with the model I chose. - It is of robust construction with front fork suspension and it deals well with farm tracks and forest trails - it folds easily and fits in the back of the car - it shrinks distances compared with my old pedal bike - it has coped with all hills I have so far tried it on - I don't know what its range is (30 miles seems about right for gentle countryside). I had thought that battery capacity would be a limitation, but it is not. It is in fact saddle soreness.
I recently purchased the Axcess Electric Shetland folding bike which fits nicely In the back of my SUV without having to lower the rear seats. It’s an excellent bike and build .. easy to mount and dismount .. perfectly suitable for me as I am now in my mid fifties and appreciate a little assistance nowadays on longer journeys and Inclines , that said It’s a great bike for any adult whatever there age and as they say ... It has the power to get you there and back. I have previously owned two other electric cycles of another brand that were hard work to cycle when the power was off even on the flat. I’m pleased to say that this Is not an Issue with the Axcess Electric Bike that you can pedal with ease If and when the power Is not required ..
asan.80.year.old.impaired.person.through.strokes.and.dvt.walking.was.almostimpossible so.i.purchased.an.elife.electric.bike.i.now.get.around.even.on.steep.hills.my.legs.are.improving slowly.all.in.all.from.my.experience.i.would.recomend.this.type.of.transport.to.every.body as.a.impaired.person.my.bike.has.given.we.new.lease.of.life
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