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December 22, 2015 News

A new initiative designed to encourage employees to cycle to work using electric bikes has launched in the UK.

The Green Commute Initiative has teamed up with Axcess Electric Bikes in order to improve the air in our cities by offering workplace electric bike package deals to help get traffic off the roads and more people cycling.

For commuters who perhaps can’t make such a long journey on a push-bike, the Green Commute Initiative will allow employees to own an electric bike through a salary sacrifice arrangement, much like the existing Cycle to Work scheme. With 80% of pollution in the air coming from vehicle traffic, the Green Commute Initiative is focused on ensuring that anyone who wants to cycle their commute to work is given a fair chance at owning a bike.

green commute initiative

Here at Axcess Electric Bikes we have a wide range of electric bikes and accessories for you to choose from to make your commute easier, healthier and more enjoyable.

How does the new e-bike scheme work?

The Green Commute Initiative have put together a very simple package that not only helps to save you mono limitney on owning a bike but also financially benefits your employer too. Their specially tailored finance plan means that the employer doesn’t even have to buy the bike – meaning a desirable plan that your workplace will be inclined to go for.

The employer:

  • You will agree to Hire Purchase the bike or bikes required by your employees. Their salary sacrifice and your savings on their National Insurance payment will cover the cost of the bike.
  • You may also be able to claim the capital allowances.
  • The Hire Purchase arrangements pay for the bikes and your employees pay for the Hire Purchase through the salary sacrifice, meaning you don’t need to find any money at all.
  • If you don’t want to use the Hire Purchase arrangement, you can buy the bikes yourself as long as you register with the Green Commute Initiative.
  • If the employee leaves during the arrangement, they will have to pay the remaining balance of the bike.
  • Your employees can choose any bike they want (and accessories, if needed), as long as it’s from one of the Green Commute Initiative retailers.


bike scheme

The employee:

  • Your employer will provide the bike to you under a salary sacrifice agreement. This means part of your salary will be withheld in order for you to purchase the bike.
  • You don’t pay tax on the salary that you sacrificed and therefore, will save tax and National Insurance.
  • You are responsible for the safety and security of the bike at all times. If it’s stolen or lost you will still have to make the salary sacrifice payments.
  • You can have whatever type of bike you want, but electric bikes are newly available on the scheme and easier to ride on longer commutes.
  • You should mainly use the bike for commuting, but you don’t have to ride it every day.

Many people won’t realise the damage that sitting in traffic on the way to work is doing. Pollution is becoming more of a serious problems across the UK, so not only will the Green Commute Initiative reward you with a second vehicle, it will also improve your health.

traffic conjestion

The facts:

  • Two of the chemicals in pollution are Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) and diesel particulates (DPM). The two chemicals, when mixed with our air, are extremely harmful and can cause long-term damage to our hearts and lungs.
  • Over 23,500 people die each year due to NO2 poisoning, and 29,000 from DPM poisoning. Children and older people are especially at risk, but the pollution affects everyone.
  • 1 in 11 people in the UK suffers from asthma.
  • The NHS spends £15 billion per year on air pollution-related illness.
  • London, Derby, Southampton, Nottingham and South Wales all have major problems, with many other UK cities just below EU directive levels.
  • This is a relatively recent phenomenon caused by the rush for diesel to reduce CO2 emissions.

The reputable ‘Cycle to Work’ scheme from the UK Government has proved popular with employers and employees alike so it was only a matter of time before electric bikes got in on the action too. Here at Axcess Electric Bikes we’re very proud to be involved in such a positive scheme and encourage you to visit their website and download the form to show your employer.

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I bought my bike, the Axcess Eriskay the first week in Jan 2018. I was well looked after by Peter, I knew what I was buying as the previous year I had bought my wife an Axcess Camargue and so I didnt have a problem going back to the same shop to buy mine. Peter and his staff can not be any more helpful in my opinion. If you decide on a bike but want a few cosmetic changes, they are more than happy to oblige, my wife wanted different handlebars and a change of tyre type. Since buying my wifes bike I have also bought maps and pannier bags. I do not have a problem recommending this shop to anyone who requires an electric bike.
Axcess were the nearest specialist supplier of Ebikes, and there web page gave good descriptions. I visited their premises, tried out their folding models around the factory estate and on that basis chose a ELife folding bike as the one best suited to my needs. I have been pleased with the model I chose. - It is of robust construction with front fork suspension and it deals well with farm tracks and forest trails - it folds easily and fits in the back of the car - it shrinks distances compared with my old pedal bike - it has coped with all hills I have so far tried it on - I don't know what its range is (30 miles seems about right for gentle countryside). I had thought that battery capacity would be a limitation, but it is not. It is in fact saddle soreness.
I recently purchased the Axcess Electric Shetland folding bike which fits nicely In the back of my SUV without having to lower the rear seats. It’s an excellent bike and build .. easy to mount and dismount .. perfectly suitable for me as I am now in my mid fifties and appreciate a little assistance nowadays on longer journeys and Inclines , that said It’s a great bike for any adult whatever there age and as they say ... It has the power to get you there and back. I have previously owned two other electric cycles of another brand that were hard work to cycle when the power was off even on the flat. I’m pleased to say that this Is not an Issue with the Axcess Electric Bike that you can pedal with ease If and when the power Is not required ..
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