Electric Bike Special Offers & Free Brake Tests!

October 20, 2017 News Special Offers

At Axcess Electric Bikes, we have some fantastic offers available on some of our most popular electric bikes!

Axcess Camargue Red or White – 3 of each left only – £1550 – £1350

Axcess Eriskay Red or White or Grey – 2 of each left only – £1550 – £1350

Other Brands. New Bikes

BH Rebel 27.5 Lite

Yamaha crank motor fitted to a 27.5″ wheel mountain bike with hydraulic disc brakes. The model remains unchanged for 2018.

1 only

£2199 – £2099

BH Revo Diamond

A top of the range crank drive crossbar bike with full mudguards, a rear rack and dynamo lights. Brose motor for silent running.

1 only

£3099£2595 – £2395

Raleigh Captus Grey

Economically priced Bosch crank drive crossbar bike with puncture resistant tyres.

1 only

£1700 – £1500

3E Sport

A popular mountain bike with a brand new 36V x 10Ah battery (guaranteed 2 years). A great ride despite being old stock.

1 only

£1299 – £995

Batribike Diamond Pro

Iconic Batribike Dutch style step-through. Rack mounted 36V x 10Ah battery, 7 gears, rear wheel drive.

1 only

£1099 – £850

Wisper 905T MK1

Wisper 905 Torque

The torque sensor gives you immediate power when you press on the pedals. 36V x 10Ah battery.

1 only

£1599 – £1399

Shopping Channel Bikes

We have had great success re-selling the budget-priced TV shopping channel bikes that have been returned as not wanted. Most have never been ridden. They all have 20″ wheel, 36V x 8.8Ah batteries and 6 gears. Use your voucher + 3 months interest-free credit (subject to status).

Also available on Cycle to Work Schemes

eLife Natural

ELIFE Natural Black

Folding bike with front suspension. Also available in black, blue, grey and white. Use your voucher+ 3 months interest-free credit (subject to status)

eLife Voyage

Aluminium frame, lightweight folding bike. In stock in red and blue. Green is also sometimes available.


Use your voucher 3+ months interest-free credit (subject to status).

Electrek Wayfinder Cream

Elec.trek Cream/Tan

Step through. Slight damage.

2 only

£549 – £499

Electrek Wayfinder Black

Elec.trek Black/Cream

Perfect condition. Aluminium Frame

3 only


Please note that when the Wayfinders have gone, they are gone for good.

There are several pallets of eLife bikes looking for new homes. So if you have any good ideas, please tell us.

Used electric bikes

We do not have many second-hand electric bikes at present, as they have sold well during the summer, but we may get more as the season progresses.

Lifecycle Mountain Sport

lifecycle mountain sport e-bike

The popularity of the rugged crossbar bike with the 36V x 17Ah battery. We sold this bike to a new owner last week. He was so delighted with it that he brought it back and had a new one instead!

1 only

£1199 – £1099

Axcess Aurora

These bikes have a similar frame to the hunter, but were manufactured to a slightly different specification. This one has a new motor fitted.

1 only


Batribike Granite Pro

Batribike Granite Pro XL

28″ wheel version of the Batribike Granite. Perfect for taller riders. This model has several new components including a motor.

1 only


Wanton and Furious Drivers

Free Brake Test

You may have heard recently about the case of a cyclist who killed a pedestrian and was convicted of Wanton and Furious Driving under the Offences Against the Persons Act dating from 1861. In this case, the bicycle concerned had no front brake fitted and the rider got an 18 month jail sentence.

Now, we know that none of you are wanton or furious riders, but electric bikes travel faster than road bikes. So we have decided that we will offer any of our customers a FREE brake test at any time, without appointment.
Just call in and we will do it there and then.

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94 Reviews
Having reached the age of 71, I decided that having retired I would get myself a bike again, and after much thought and also a lot of time on the internet, I decided that an electric bike would suit me better, and also that a folding bike would be useful as I could go places with my bike in the car, without the hassle of removing a wheel each time, also living in a flat a folding bike in It's bag is a lot less obtrusive. While on the Internet I came across 'Axcess Electric Bikes' site, this was not only very helpful, but gave a very wide choice of bikes, both in style and price. I drove up to Honiton to have a look at them for real. On arrival I saw a second-hand bike outside which I really liked, but It was not a folding one and I had to remind myself that I had decided on a folding Bike. On going in The showroom I was greeted by a very friendly lady who as it turned out was very helpful and knowledgeable. There was no pressure to buy and was encouraged to take my time to look at the stock. I decided to buy a New Axcess Shetland and asked to take it with me. The Gent who was working on the bikes in the workshop area, said that he would check it over immediately, and he also demonstrated how it folded and fitted in the bag which I also purchased. I was allowed to take it out for a test ride before purchase. It is a lovely bike, as has a really firm feel to it, and ideal for what I want. Being a folding bike it has a step through frame which I find easier a feature that even my Sister likes. (Come to that she did not want me to take the bike away with me when I visited her.). I use it for shopping, going on photography outings, or just going for a ride. I am still amazed as to how effective the battery assist is. The ratings only go up to very good, but I would rate both the bike and the firm as excellent. Should I decide to buy another Bike in the future, I shall go straight to Axcess Elctric Bikes of Honiton. Since retiring from a very physical job I found my knees were getting stiff, cycling has cured that. Thank You
Very happy with my Shetland electric bike . I spent many hours searching web sites to ensure the bike i bought would not be difficult to get spares for after a few year, especially the battery. Axcess were so helpful and i feel confident that if i had any problems they could sort it. If you are thinking of getting an electric bike you can buy with confidence from this company .
Personal service of the owner Peter Blackman and his staff. Many good quality Ebikes to see and try.
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