“Electric Bikes are the Future of Travel” says the BBC

May 3, 2018 Cycling Electric Bikes Future News

An electric bike: a standard looking bicycle with two very important features – a motor and a battery. At first glance, it doesn’t look much different, but these two crucial elements help people to cycle further for longer distances, because less effort is required – but you still gain the fitness benefits. The outstanding growth of the e-bike market has proved that this assumed ‘fad’ is skyrocketing to new heights.

The BBC has recently reported that e-bikes could be the future of travel. But why?

“I was panting my way up quite a steep climb on my bicycle when suddenly a rider shot past me on what looked like a shopping bike.

Not only did this feel like a huge insult to my climbing prowess, what made it worse was the guy must have been over 65.

Catching him up took a lot of effort and as I sat on his back wheel I realised he was not actually a retired Tour de France rider but he was on an electric bike.

He told me that he absolutely loved it.”

– Tom Edwards, Transport Correspondent, BBC

E-Bikes: encouraging a new type of cyclist

The electric assistance permits up to a 15 mph speed and allows you to take on steep inclines. The unique aspect of electric bikes is that their target audience knows no limits; whether you’re a young cyclist, you have mobility issues or you’re retired – you choose your preferred setting and tailor the ride to suit you.

Many people claim electric biking to be a form of ‘cheating’ exercise. That is one of the many myths about e-bikes. Electric bikes speed you up hill and get you to your destination without breaking a sweat. The assistance is optional, e-biking is just cycling without limits.

The facts are here, e-bikes are encouraging people to cycle for longer, they are encouraging people over the age of 50 to get back on their bikes, they are encouraging people to cycle to work and are therefore contributing to a more eco-friendly environment for all.

Cyclists can now take up longer commutes without the exhaustion at the end of their ride.

Kickstarting the future of urban mobility

As the world is moving forward, people are keener than ever to support an eco-friendly world. With the potential banning of plastic straws being a hot topic in the press, there’s never been a better time to support a movement that will contribute to emission reductions.

These trends are likely to be held, with many cities developing to cater for cyclists more and more.

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