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Below is a list of our frequently asked questions. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Call 01404 41692 or message us here for a quick answer!

Will the bike be fully built when I buy it?

Of course! Everyone who collects a bike from one of our shops will get a fully complete bike with a fully charged battery. We also deliver fully made up bikes locally.

However, if the bike needs to be shipped then some assembly is required. In all cases, the rear wheel is attached so there are no electrics to complete. You will then need to fit the front wheel, handlebars and saddle. The handlebars have all the cables and electrics already attached and to fit them you need only tighten one bolt. Whilst a small tool kit is provided, most will possess their own better standard tools to assemble the bike. The battery will have had a factory charge, so you can try the bike straight away. It is recommended that you then give it a full overnight charge.

Batteries cannot be overcharged as the chargers cut out when the charge is complete. Instructions are supplied, and we are always at the end of the phone to give advice.

Do I need insurance to ride an electric bike?

You do not need insurance to ride on the road. But you may want to insure against theft. Many Household Policies include bicycle insurance, but you should check that the value of the bike is covered. If not, you may want to buy special insurance. As always, remember to check the small print on whether the bike is covered in the event of a theft of an unlocked bike or if your lock is inadequate/meets a set criteria by your insurer.

What about servicing?

We offer a free 6 week service with every bike we sell. Normally this is just adjustment for gears and cables. 90% of the future servicing is normal bike servicing and can be carried out by any competant bike retailer.

All our electric bike suppliers have a policy of stocking a full range of the specialist parts for their bikes and we stock the parts for the Axcess Branded bikes.

What is the legislation for electric bikes?

Firstly the bike must comply with the legislation for a normal road bike – reflectors etc. There are then restrictions on weight -40 Kg max., Maximum power and speed are limited. Brake sensors which cut out the motor when you brake are also required if you have a throttle on the bike.

Can students ride electric bikes to school?

Students need to be 14 years old to use an electric bike on the public highway.

Do I need a license to ride an electric bike?

As long as the electric bike complies with the regulations for electric bikes, no driving licence is needed. We have a number of customers who have lost their driving licences for poor eyesight and other reasons who ride electric bikes. There is also no DVLA registration MOT or need for insurance.

How does the thumb throttle work?

The thumb throttle on the right hand handlebar is available to the rider at any time the bike is switched on. It over rides the pedal assist giving full power at a moments notice. This is useful for hill starts, in heavy traffic and when getting away from traffic lights. The rider can also have a rest from pedalling. Due to a change in the law on 6th April 2015, the throttle will run the motor up to 5KPH(3MPH) when the pedals are not being turned, and up to 25KPH (15MPH) when the pedals are rotating. However, any bike sold before the change of the law will run up to 25KPH (15MPH) on throttle at all times.

What sort of charger do I get?

Each battery is supplied with a 13 Ah charger for the mains. Batteries are usually charged at between 1.8Ah and 3 Ah on the 16Ah batteries. So a full charge can take up to 6-8 hours. Batteries should never be left in a fully discherged state.

Does pedalling charge the battery?

Although we see some bikes with this facility, in practice, freewheeling down hill, when you have some spare energy, does not put much power back into the battery. Batribike had this system in their last generation of bikes, but they have now removed it.

When will my battery need renewing?

We now have customers who are on the 4th year with their battery. Batteries do benefit from regular use and careful storage in the winter, when they should be charged regularly. We have now tested a number of batteries and we find that typically, a battery loose 10% of its capacity per annum.

What range should I achieve on a single battery charge?

We see wildly exaggerated claims for mileage on electric bikes. Our 36V X 10Ah & 36V X 16Ah batteries produce 360 or 576 watts of power respectively. So you can work out that a 250 watt motor will be driven less than 1.5 hrs by the 10 Ah battery. 360 divided by 250. In a 50/50 pedal assist situation, you might get 3 hrs cycling (with 100% efficiency). In practice we find that the 10Ah battery return up to 30 miles on medium power pedal assist and customers tell us they often achieve in excess of 50 miles with the larger battery. But it always depends on the variables of wind, terrain and rider strength. Volts X Amps = Watts. So a 36 V X 10 Ah battery has 50% more capacity than a 24 V X 10 Ah battery that are fitted to many cheaper electric bikes.

What is the maximum speed?

The legal speed limit on UK & EU roads is 15 mph (25 Kmph). The controller on the bike turns the motor off when this speed is exceeded. Because we specify brushless motors which are fixed in the rear wheel hub, the rear wheel spins freely so you will have no trouble riding at a greater speed or free wheeling down hill. For economy, on the “eco” settings on an electric bike the controller may be programmed to cut out the motor at a slower speed – say 10 mph., so saving power and increasing range.

What happens when I ride an Electric Bike?

Our electric bikes are designed to be ridden under power all the time. Ideally, they are 50/50 pedal assist bikes. You do half the work. With the system switched ON when you pedal off the rotation sensor behind the chain wheel switches the motor on so you go faster and more easily than if you are just pedalling. On our 2014 bikes, the controller operating the pedal assist also varies the power depending on how fast you pedal, which means you can either amble along or if you pedal fast you will get more assistance out of the motor.