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7 Reasons Your Boss Wants You to Cycle to Work

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By exercising at the start and end of your working day, you will make a world of difference to your job performance and working life in general. Cycling is fast becoming the more popular way to commute to work as opposed to driving, walking or public transport. Why? By cycling or riding your electric bike, you will develop a healthy body and healthy mind – which come with some huge benefits for your working life.

So, if you’d like to find out why your boss will love you for cycling to work and how to set yourself up for the next employee of the month then read on…

You’re more likely to arrive on time

Punctuality is important in the workplace. By showing up early and on time, you are showing your boss that you’re dedicated to the job and that you’re capable of handling responsibility.

The main excuse for being late was traffic problems caused by road works (41%). Other reasons included public transport delays (29%), unforeseen circumstances such as someone being unwell (25%), bad weather (18%), sleeping through the alarm (14%) and leaving something behind (12%). Source

By riding straight past any traffic hold-ups, you can save a massive amount of time and arrive to work within your predicted time frame. Waiting for buses and sitting in stationary traffic is a real time-waster and can make people feel frustrated before their days have even properly started.

If you’d rather not turn up to work a little clammy and out of breath, why not consider an electric bike for assisted cycling.

Your productivity will increase

Employers like workers who can take responsibility for themselves. If you’re looking for a way to be more switched on and more motivated – cycling to work makes your brain sharper and your thoughts more dynamic.

Tackling a task will seem easier once you’ve had your morning exercise ride. Energetic moods in the workplace will not only motivate you, but your attitude could even encourage your co-workers.

Exercising before work can raise an employee’s productivity by 15% on average! By cycling to your workplace, you are setting yourself up to manage your workload in a more efficient manner. Starting your day early gives you more time to think and plan and by exercising, you’re stimulating your body and feeding your brain to develop a better time management schedule.

You’ll find yourself completing tasks quicker and by doing that, your manager is going to see that you’re bringing the best possible attitude to the workplace and you’re getting tasks done efficiently.

Productivity at work leads to less stress, more work production and a better chance at progressing within your career.

You’ll take fewer sick days

People who cycle to work take half as many sick days as their colleagues who drive or take public transport.

Sick days cost companies around £258 per day in the UK. Employees who take less sick days get more done and tend to not fall behind on work. It figures – the more time you spend at work, the more you’re likely to get done.

If you take more sick days than your colleagues, you may even be setting yourself up for minor resentment – which breeds a bad atmosphere in the workplace (not the ideal outcome for an employer). There’s much less chance of you taking time off sick if you cycle to work, as you’re improving your health mentally and physically by riding to work and strengthening your body.

You’ll be less stressed

Exercise can calm anxiety – which is one key cause of insomnia. It can be difficult for some to fully switch their brains off at night time but by choosing to bike to work, you’ll find yourself becoming fitter, more relaxed and getting a better night’s sleep.

Going to work with the right attitude after a disturbed night can be difficult and will naturally decrease your ability. Sleep is important and by arriving to work after a good rest, your boss will know that you can relax when you need to, therefore getting the most out of you when you’re at the office.

You’ll take up less parking space

Ever found yourself short of a parking space at work? You can wave those days goodbye by using your bike daily, all you’ll need is your bike lock. By using less parking space, your boss will see that you’re putting others before yourself and that you don’t rely on the parking facilities of the job. Your colleagues will also appreciate the extra space which causes a good atmosphere amongst team members.

The average household spends £47 per year on non-residential parking. If it currently costs you to park at work, you’ll even be saving yourself a bit of cash!

You’ll contribute to company green initiatives

Focusing on environmental initiatives supports sustainability and the green goals of your company. By cycling or riding an electric bike to work, you’re getting around efficiently while supporting the wellbeing of the environment around you.

Did you know that 80% of all pollution comes from traffic? Driving a car unnecessarily can be swapped by biking to work, therefore not adding to the fumes.

Riding a bicycle emits around 21g of c02 per km, compared to the 271g that the average car diffuses, so as a cyclist, you’ll be doing a good thing. If your boss knows that you’re doing your bit for the company and showing that you’re willing to participate in the general goals of the business, they’ll know that you’re committed to acting in the interests of the company and the world around you.

Your happiness will be contagious

Whether your job is physical, stationary or active – employer’s will notice a positive and happy attitude in the workplace. By cycling to work you are improving your general wellbeing and will find yourself enjoying your job and the tasks you are set with. Depression, stress and anxiety are lowered by physically healthy people.

Exercise releases endorphins and other feel-good brain chemicals and a 16-milecommute burns up to 800 calories – that’s 6 cans of coke! What’s stopping you from being productive at work?

What’s stopping you from being productive at work?

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