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AXcess Electric Bike Accessories to Improve your Ride

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At AXcess, we have a variety of electric bike accessories available to customers, each of which has its own unique purpose and has been specifically designed to enhance your eBike experience day-to-day. 

With over 40 products in our eBike accessories range, we have something for everyone and a product to suit all types of cycling adventures. In addition, we are always reviewing our current line and new technologies/products, looking for those standout inspirations that are going to make a difference when you’re out and about enjoying your AXcess Road Bike, Mountain Bike, Folding Bike or Second-Hand, Used Bike

Protective eBike Accessories

We have a range of eBike accessories that have been designed and manufactured to ensure the protection of your ride. Such accessories provide you with that extra ride security and, in the long run, are highly cost-effective maintenance extras. Take a look at just a select few protective eBike accessories below:

Puncture Resistant Tyres

puncture resistant tyres axcess

The Marathon Puncture Resistant Tyres will undoubtedly add extra sturdiness to your ride. We also provide Marathon Plus Puncture Resistant Tyres for ultimate on and off-road protection. Land Cruiser tyres are also available for use on muddy or gravel paths.

Overcome the British Weather

As a nation renowned for persistent wet weather, the Non-Slip Alloy Pedal is ideal for biking in Britain! With extra grip, rubber inserts and reflectors, this accessory improves both safety and visibility.

Theft Protection

We also provide a Datatag UV Stealth Pro Cycle System. In short, this product is a leading theft deterrent and crime-prevention device that has been advocated by UK police. This accessory also comes with a host of outstanding features such as no monthly charges or fees and lifetime protection. 

Electric Bike Accessories for Comfort & Practicality

It is our mission to provide our customers with the most enjoyable and satisfying eBike experiences, even after we have provided the bicycle itself. That’s why we continue to offer a vast line of electric bike accessories to enhance ride comfort and that enable you to enjoy other activities when you reach your destination. Here are a few popular UK electric bike accessories that we provide:


double pannier ebike accessories

The M Wave Amsterdam Double Pannier is ideal for the storage of virtually any item. Made of high quality, robust and extremely weather-resistant materials, this accessory has an internal capacity of 30 litres and two handy net pockets situated on the rear. We also provide a smaller version of this accessory, ideal for folding bikes


Do you enjoy travelling to new and exciting locations with alluring cycle trails and paths? The specially designed Thule EasyFold XT 2 Electric Bicycle Carrier allows you to do exactly that. E-bikes are generally too heavy to carry on the roof and a towbar mounted carrier is the best solution. Both of our e-bike carriers are designed with a payload of 60Kg. The intelligent tilting system on the one featured here gives you access to your boot without having to remove the carrier and, what’s more, the carrier is lightweight at just 17.9kg. 

Adjustments for Optimum Comfort

When out and about, you may want to make alterations to your ride set up to ensure complete comfort. We have just the tool to make any little alteration to the set up of your bike, the Cube RFR Multi-Tool 12. With, you guessed it, 12 fundamental electric bike tools, this compact and lightweight accessory is perfect to take on the go and often proves a priceless addition to your eBike experience. 

Tyre Pump

Giyo GY35 pump

The most common reason for poor performance on electric bikes is under-inflation of the tyres. The recommended inflation of each tyre can be found on the side, but is not easy to see, therefore using a pump with a gauge is typically preferable. Generally, 26″ tyres should be inflated between 45 and 60psi. Our Giyo GF35P Steel Floor Pump with gauge is the ideal piece of equipment for tyre pressure adjustments.

AXcess eBike Accessories Devon

As electric bike enthusiasts, we are constantly searching the market for the most advanced and useful products, so that we can provide our customers with the best eBike accessories. Head over to our dedicated accessories page and contact us if you have any queries on which items could help you take your eBike experience to the next level.