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Batribike Display Options

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Batribike Display Options.

There are 2 display options for Batribike models.  The Alpha, Sigma and Omega are fitted with the standard LeD display and can be upgraded to an LCD display, which, among other features delivers a 15mph throttle while the pedals are being turned.

The Delta and Ten models have LCD options as standard.

Standard LED handlebar display has 5 speed selections and a 4mph “Walk Start” button.

For assistance from a standing start, either on the flat or a hill, press the “Walk Start” button and the bike will move off up to 4mph (6kph.) without the pedals being turned.  The rider can then start pedalling.

By selecting one of the speed options the bike will have assistance up to a certain speed only.  For example.  Speed 3 will provide assistance up to approx. 12mph.  If you ride faster than that, the motor will be idling. But as you slow down to that speed, the motor will “cut in” giving assistance.  Speed selection 5 will power you up to 15mph (25kph) which is the legal maximum speed.

Centre LCD display not only gives you readings for Current Speed, Odometer, Trip Distance, Battery State and Power Setting, but also gives you the benefit of a Twist Grip Throttle and 5 power settings.

The Twist Grip Throttle in addition to working the same way as the Walk Start Button on the LCD device, when you start pedalling it operates as a Power Boost up to maximum 15mph as long as the rider continues to turn the pedals.

Increasing the power options increases the percentage of power that the motor provides.  On level 2 the motor delivers 20% of its maximum power right up to 15mph.  This makes it easier to ride at higher speeds.  On level 5 the motor similarly delivers 100% of the available power, just as if the Twist Grip throttle was being turned to its maximum.

(Note:  LED display Speed 5 and the LCD screen Power 5 will give the same result – full power up to 15mph (25kph) and the higher the power or speed setting, the shorter range the bike will have.)