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China Effectively Excluded from EU’s Electric Bike Market

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Statistics released in a report by Eurostat have confirmed that China has effectively been banned from the EU’s electric bike market. We’ve seen a drastic plummet in the number of E-bikes being imported from China, following the anti-dumping and anti-subsidy duties that were imposed by the EU in January.

The Shocking Electric Bike Import Statistics

According to the stats in the report by Eurostat, the number of electric bikes imported from China has dropped by a massive 91.07% in the first six months of 2019, in comparison to the same time frame at the beginning of last year. The statistics, presented by Bike Europe, show that just 54,643 electric bikes were imported to EU member countries in the first six months of this year whereas, on the contrary, 611,952 were imported in the first six months of 2018. 

Other Countries Filling the Void – To Some Degree

As an established UK electric bike shop, it is important to understand which countries are providing more and more imports. 

Out of the top ten importers of countries outside the EU, China is the only country to have seen a decrease in import numbers, with several other countries witnessing a marked rise. The following four countries have provided significantly more electric bikes to EU members this year, compared to last:

  1. Turkey – up from 823 E-bikes to 5,349 E-bikes – a rise of 549.93%
  2. Indonesia – a rise from 477 electric bikes to 2,173 electric bikes – up 355.55%
  3. Taiwan – up 100.03%98,283 E-bikes in 2018 and 196,602 in 2019
  4. Thailand – a rise of 53.05% – from 3,508 to 5,369


The anti-dumping ruling has resulted in an influx of investment from far-eastern based organisations – such as Bafang, the e-bike motor manufacturer who opened up a sizeable facility in Poland recently.

The Impact of the Duties on Electric Bike Imports Overall

china electric bike makers

Before the duties were imposed, China were way ahead of these countries as the leading exporter of E-bikes to EU countries. However, the new rulings mean that they now sit third, with Vietnam moving up to second and Thailand topping the table. When we look at the statistics overall, from the first six months of this year compared to that of the previous year, the role China played prior to the changes is evident:

As we can see, the number of imported E-bikes and the value of those bikes over the aforementioned period has dropped considerably, as a result of the duties. With production sources originating closer to home, the average price of each unit has skyrocketed. The production of E-bikes in Europe continues to rise and much more is expected to come in terms of that expansion. 

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