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E-Bike Market Growth Across The World

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Electric bikes make your daily commute and day-to-day travel cheaper and less stressful. Shockingly, 75% are clueless on the major benefits that e-vehicles bring. An e-bike acts as a regular bike but contains a battery and electric motor that assists when you’re pedalling. You still receive the benefits of pedalling, but your speed gets a boost. They are utilised by a variety of riders including students, commuters, family riders, and senior citizens.

Last year, Axcess Electric Bikes conducted a formal interview with Navigant Research to gain the latest insight on the growth of the market and how electric bikes had become an increasingly popular commuting choice across the world.

Fast forward to 2017, and more locations across the world are making a conscious effort to market e-bikes and encourage their use. Our team have carried out some in-depth research and we’ve discovered that various countries are investing into new e-bike schemes and cycling infrastructures. But where is the e-bike market booming the most?

The growth of the e-bike market

As the top-selling e-vehicle in the world with booming sales over the globe, electric bicycles encourage a re-think into the way we travel. Li-ion battery technology results in e-bikes that are lighter and hold the build of traditional bicycles with the power of assisted speed!


The Bicycle Industry Association predicts that around 680,000 e-bikes will be sold by the end of 2017! In comparison to 2016, this shows double-digit growth of 12%. E-bikes are a practical transportation option, and Germany as a country embraces e-bikes as a means of mobility in the inner cities that contain high traffic.

e-cycling in germany


The Swedish Government is constructing a budget relating to electric bikes for 2018. This will entail a €37 million proposal to co-fund electric bike sales.

The aim of this funding is to support the delay of climate change, create jobs and reduce pollution amongst communities. Additionally, the country is planning investments in green transport for solar cell and charging posts.

“Our generation should be able to hand over a society to our children where the major environmental problems are solved and where the cities should be living and healthy growing environments. There is a lot to be done to it – it has been underinvested for sustainable development for too long, “said spokesperson Isabella Lövin.


ebikes in switzerland

The UK Electric Bike Market

Electric bikes are becoming more familiar across the United Kingdom. Although it hasn’t quite seen its big ‘boom’ as of yet, sales continue to grow at a fast pace and with new cycling schemes and increased modal share.

A report from Navigant Research suggests that e-bike sales will increase globally by 54.7% over the next 9 years.

The UK electric bike market is compared to the quality of cycle paths and higher levels of cycle usage that The Netherlands and Germany seem to contain.

Axcess Electric Bikes in Honiton

We are an independent e-bike store based in Devon. At Axcess, we support our customers throughout the transaction process; from initial enquiry to purchase and aftercare. Due to our clientele ranging from young to senior, we know that it’s never too late to introduce cycling into your everyday life, and consequently, this is easier with an electrically assisted vehicle.

Our two most popular e-bikes are the Eriskay Crossbar and the Camargue Step-Through! To learn more about these products, please contact us today.