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E-Bikes For Students – Will They Become The Typical Commute?

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Electric bikes promote a healthy lifestyle and serve as an alternative means of commuting for students. When most young people move away for uni, they usually don’t have a car, and bus train passes may be out of budget. However, with the introduction of electric bike programmes, cycling is appealing to students who can make fast, hassle-free trips to campus.

As e-bike specialists, we question whether electric bikes will ever become the common commute for university students and how the progression is developing so far in 2017.

Which universities use electric bike schemes?

Universities across the globe are seeing the potential in e-bikes. A number of educational establishments have grasped the benefit of electric bikes and offer schemes for students, meaning that they can hire e-bikes and travel to and from the university in a sustainable and efficient manner. Below is an example of UK universities using e-bike schemes so far:

Understanding the growing demand for power-assisted bicycles across a range of industries, we predict that the majority of UK universities will be using these types of schemes in the next five years.

How do e-bikes benefit students?

e-bikes for students

Cycling helps reduce congestion and is a healthy and affordable mode of transport for the younger generation. Enabling students to dodge the speeding cars, avoid long waits at bus stops or MOT car insurance payments, and save money! You can travel between classes and charge your portable battery as you go. If you live in a dorm room, you can even choose a folding electric bike, which can be put into storage for convenient living. In certain cities, many attractions may be just outside of walking distance, which makes electric bikes all the more handy.

Why go electric?

Relying on buses and trains can be limiting. For universities that are based in a particularly urban, hilly area, electric bikes take away the pressure and difficulty of tackling the hard-going terrain.

E-bikes for students can be power-assisted according to your personal requirements, encouraging people of all ages to cycle more often. Offering 50% more assistance than a regular bike, the majority of e-bike users are known to cycle longer distances due to the ride being made easier overall. As a student, you can skip traffic jams, avoid MOT and tax payments and save money!

university students riding electric bikes

Suit your lifestyle

University can be a stressful time, with school activities, exams, part-time jobs and placements, therefore, it’s wise to keep means of travel low-cost and consistent, and an electric bike is predicted to become one of the best transportation options. Being low-cost and lightweight, they can really enhance a student lifestyle with getting around quickly. With speeds of up to 15 mph, students can avoid rushing, making the most of the entire university experience.

Previous research trials of electronically-assisted bikes by the university in Brighton showed that they did encourage more people to cycle.

The University of Exeter – electric bikes

Exeter is a very cycle-friendly city and is home to a range of traffic-free cycle routes which enable easy riding to campuses, with additional leisure opportunities. We hope that as the boom of electric bikes continues, more university campuses like The University of Exeter adapt to the benefits of these modern vehicles.

university exeter e-bikes

Axcess Electric Bikes

At Axcess, we are based in Exeter and specialise in supplying quality electric bikes to the local Exeter area and further afield by distributing our e-bikes online. Thrilled that universities are encouraging young people to commute differently in the city, we hope that universities closer to us will get on board with the change of travel.

If you’d like to learn more about our e-bike collection, browse the range and contact us for more information.