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E-Bikes Recommended as Active Travel Shift

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A recent white paper has been published by the Transport Research Laboratory on the role of transport in polluting cities, stating that “expectations must change” as roads become “less geared towards individual car ownership”.

Active travel must be the priority for local planning access, and by encouraging non-cyclists to consider this mode of transport, a modal shift is likely to be created.

One of the main challenges here lies in standardising cycling to the public majority. This requires a shift in individual behaviours to make biking the norm.

The bicycle is the second cheapest mode of travel after walking, and leads to healthier people and reduced congestion. Furthermore, with the introduction of electric-assisted alternatives, the bike is reinventing itself as an important mode of future active travel.

Featured under the ‘Future Approaches’ section of the document, research outlines that electric bikes hold potential in reducing overall car mileage per annum.

active travel shift

Research and statistics

The Transport Research Laboratory is used to test ground for future transport concepts. Research projects have been trialed in order to see how UK drivers and cyclists respond to unscheduled tests.

In one study, the TRL Academy ran alongside 80 Brighton-based volunteers, and electric bikes were loaned for a six-to-eight-week period. At the end of that trial, three quarters were shown to have used their e-bikes to ride 15 to 20 miles per week on Brighton’s mixed terrain, with an average of 20% less miles traveled by car! Additionally, 70% of participants in the study claimed that they would be interested in using an electric bicycle in the future.

As specialists in electric bikes, we understand that once people make the shift and adjust their lifestyle in terms of travel, the benefits continuously occur.

The benefits of e-biking

Giving people the option of e-bike travel opens access to cycling further. Bike share and electric bikes (plus leisure cycling) have been recognised as significant agents in expanding the reach of cycling and the active travel shift.

Furthermore, where older age may bring certain physical limitations, the desire to remain active does not have to be stifled with the introduction of electric bikes. These offer people a fun and practical travel option, enabling them to incorporate active commuting into their everyday lives and increasing daily and weekly physical activity, whether that be for work or leisure.

A new wave of sustainable transport

The reduction of vehicle activity

Reducing the length of journeys either by working from home, car sharing or cycling is a great way to prevent environmental pollution.

The use low emission vehicles

By scrapping old vehicles and replacing with ultra low emission vehicles (ULEVs) and cleaner transport options, there will be a movement towards reducing pollution.

Changing the way vehicles are driven

With improved traffic management and driver training, societal changes can be achieved.

The paper cites that road experience is likely to become less geared towards individual car ownership and more about communal travel by vehicle sharing. The aim here is to bring meaningful change to the way we travel.

The movement of the biking culture

As e-bike specialists, we believe that encouraging a modal shift to cycling can definitely be encouraged with electric bikes due to the incentive of power-assistance and faster journeys.

Furthermore, bike share is an important tool for reaching this group. With many public bike hire schemes in London, Liverpool, Bristol and Glasgow, communities and cities are recognising that more of us are choosing to commute sustainably.

With an eye towards the future, there is a compelling prediction for bikes to be available at transport hubs, attractions and hotels as the norm. This standard would increase the chance of modal journeys becoming a reality.

With public bike hire in all cities, workplaces and accommodation would assist with normalising bike use across all ages and locations. Additionally, electric bike availability would require further partnerships between local businesses and chains, encouraging communal living and working together to live a congestion-free future.

Axcess Electric Bikes

At Axcess, we are committed to supporting the active travel shift and our aim is to show people who do not currently cycle, the lifestyle improvement that could be made by switching to the e-bike.

Having been known to benefit those of all ages and abilities, electric bikes are a fantastic way to contribute to sustainable travel.

For further information on cycling and e-bikes, please contact a member of our team today and feel free to browse through our extensive range of high-quality electrically-assisted bicycles