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Bicycles for Seniors: how do e-bikes benefit?

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It is actively encouraged that the older generation remains energetic, although road cycling is generally targeted at those who are younger and work full-time jobs. But what about those who are getting older but would like to keep cycling as part of their everyday lives? This is where bicycles for seniors come in, and electric bikes are changing people’s lives!

Senior cycling is a practical and affordable way to get around in later life, whether you have a limited access to public transport, do not have a driving license or simply want an alternative mode of transport for getting around and seeing people.

Perhaps you used to be a keen cyclist or you’d like to take up a healthy new hobby? Read on to find out exactly how an electric bike benefits the older generation and make fantastic life improvements.

1.No big strains on your body

It’s important that the elderly exercise in order to increase strength, cardio and muscular fitness, bone and functional health, reduce the risk of diseases and cognitive decline. Although cycling is a recognised form of exercise, it involves regular, smooth movements without putting stress on your body.

Cycling for just four miles per day reduces the risk of coronary heart disease by 50%, and it’s all made easier with an electric bike due to the level of assistance you’ll receive, helping you to go faster and further without putting a strain on joints and muscles.

2.Encourages daily activity

It may be that you have not cycled in a while or you’re actively looking for new ways to improve your choice of the commute. Not only will an electric bike encourage you to get out and about at your convenience affordable, it will also permit you to meet other cyclists.

senior cycling

3.Makes local journeys easier

If you’re used to getting the bus or walking to nearby places, an electric bike is an opportunity to adjust your daily routine. Close by journeys are made much easier due to uphill assistance, meaning that you can enjoy your ride at a relaxed and steady pace if necessary.

4.A-to-B transportation without a license

Electric bicycles do not require a license, tax or insurance, therefore they are incredibly cost-effective and if you choose the right e-bike model, it can last you a very long time. There will be no more waiting around for buses or walk too far.

5.Comfortable and diverse

Electric bikes are an efficient yet active mode of transport. Great for cycling on the road, in the countryside or on cycling tracks, even if you have mobility issues and cannot walk very far, an e-bike will give you the freedom to travel in a new and exciting way.

6.Electrical assistance

Perhaps the best factor of an e-bike is that it provides you with the required level of assistance that you desire, making journeys less strenuous and much more enjoyable. With a choice of various settings enabling you to go up to 15 mph, you can pedal up the hill with ease.

7.You can wear regular clothes

Providing the speed without excess effort, you will not need to waste any time changing into cycling gear or going slower than you desire.

Bicycles for seniors with Axcess Electric Bikes

Electric bikes come in all shapes and sizes at varied prices. We have helped many people regain their love of cycling through our stock of quality electric bikes and unsurpassed customer service. Based in Devon, you can pop into our store for a chat and consultation about cycling for seniors, or fill out our contact form – even if you’d simply like to learn more about the e-bike and how it can benefit you. But don’t just take our word for it…

What does the older generation say about electric bikes?


Joan Kerridge is 80-years-old and leads the Gentle Giants, a cycling group for seniors. Kerridge, from Sydney’s lower north shore, has been an avid cyclist for many years, but these days the city’s topography is a bit daunting, so she and several other Giants have swapped their push bikes for e-bikes.

“At our age, you don’t get any faster but you get smarter, our group has a pretty slow pace, but when someone starts to struggle and doesn’t want to give up, many are going electric. Our oldest member is 86 and his cycling life has been extended by at least two years. Isn’t that wonderful?”electric bikes for seniors