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Why an electric bike makes the best Christmas gift

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Forget the new iPhone X, this Christmas, one of the best gifts you can give is a brand new bike. We’re not talking just any old bike, an electric bike is a gift of independence, freedom and joy, regardless of the age you’re buying for.


It’s exhilarating to get a new bike for Christmas. You start the new year with a new form of transport! Imagine being able to enjoy cycling around your hometown, to work and for leisure with electric assistance. No sweats, no hill climb worries, just relaxed journeys to embark upon across Exeter, the glorious Devon landscape and indeed further afield.


christmas 2017

There’s a revolution, and you need to be part of it. E-bikes are changing the way we get around.




Electric bikes are rapidly growing in popularity and as we approach 2018, we are truly becoming a ‘go green’ society. If you’re an everyday commuter, you’re likely looking for an economical, practical form of transportation, but what if you could travel in a way that’s environmentally friendly and encourages a healthy lifestyle?


Christmas is just around the corner, and an electric bike would make the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one.


Battery powered cars will not solve the UK’s air pollution, congestion or obesity issues. But electrically-assisted bicycles could. By 2040, new diesel and petrol cars will be banned and electric alternatives will become the ‘norm’, and some of us are looking to bring this travel mode into practice already. Hurrah, no more choking on fumes!


Electric bikes are changing lives


With an electric bike, the elderly can commute in a way that keeps them active, students can get to campus quicker than ever before, leisure cyclists can take on more challenging routes and commuters can power through their journey.


Fitness is also a huge part of the e-bike revolution. A new study shows that a daily cycle commute is an equivalent to the weight loss of a five-day gym routine. When a new year begins, people are very keen to adjust their lifestyle for health improvement reasons. Habitual cycling is linked with reduced risk of type 2 diabetes and electric bikes, in particular, have been found to have notable cardiovascular benefits.


As a favourite gift this Christmas, we’ve seen a strong trend of continued interest in e-bikes around this time of year. So we’d like to share some information on our two best-selling models if you’re looking for inspiration.


The Eriskay Crossbar E-Bike



The Eriskay Crossbar is a modern, high-quality, reliable ride, designed for long rides on roads, pathways and cycle tracks. Making the perfect special gift this Christmas, you can purchase online or directly from our store in Honiton.


The Camargue Step-Through E-Bike



This exclusive design contains improved balance and advanced battery components, making it one of our best-sellers and an ideal gift to give this Christmas.


Don’t forget, we regularly add new stock to our clearance collection, meaning that you can gain a used e-bike in great condition for cheaper prices. You can also find our full electric bike range here.


What’s stopping you?


Axcess Electric Bikes


We’re passionate about our products, but most of all, we’re dedicated to providing exemplary customer service. We’re not here to make a hard sell, we’d simply like to showcase the amazing opportunities that an electric bike can offer.


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