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Why Electric Bikes are Great! E-Bike VS Car Infographic

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Electric bikes are great – Fact. They are a highly popular choice of daily travel due to the number of advantages that come with them. No more worries about cycling up the unavoidable steep hills or arriving to work 30 minutes late due to a traffic jam!

The most common reason to go electric is to replace some car trips, though health, ability and comfort were also common reasons people took up e-bikes.

This infographic displays the ultimate pros to owning an electric bike over a car and provides all the facts you need to know about these power-assisted bicycles! Isn’t it time you switched?



A clear winner – the electric bike!

Many people want to make the change from driving but end up wanting to avoid the hassle of regular cycling.It can be hard to making a significant change in our everyday lives, especially when it comes to travel…

As an affordable alternative to motorbikes and cars, e-bikes are surprisingly cheap to run and a simple way of commuting, so if you love the idea of free daily transport, fresh air and relaxing cycling – listen up!

Dodge the traffic

Quickly pass along the efficient cycle routes with an e-bike and find yourself avoiding bothersome traffic on a consistent basis. No more worries about arriving anywhere late, whether that’s a lunch date with friends or an early start at the office. Your journey from door to door is shortened in length because of the power assistance and the choice of faster routes. Motorbikes can be compared to e-bikes, but they’re still limited to the road network – with an electric bike, you can take full advantage of cycle facilities.

Avoid tax, insurance and MOT

In the eyes of the law, electric bikes are considered as regular bicycles and therefore require no tax, insurance MOT or license – bingo! Of course you are free to insure your e-bike if you wish but you are not compelled to do anything except enjoy your ride and hold no worries about finance or ownership.

Save your money

Compared to the running of a car, moped or paying out for public transport, electric bicycles are a total money saver. In day-to-day use it costs just a few pence to completely recharge your motor. By choosing to travel with your e-bike and leaving the car in the garage, you’re eliminating petrol costs and pesky parking fees.

Enjoy a relaxed commute

Whether you’re riding for pleasure or as a way of getting from A to B, conventional cycling can be tough work and sweat can cause a number of problems. The higher road speed and extra help from the e-bike helps with hill climbing which may be the primary pro to owning an electric bike, you can flatten those hills with no worries. The fear of walking into a staff meeting feeling sticky and out of breath can be a real put off; electric bikes eliminate this problem as you put up much less effort and cruise with ease.

Indulge in great experiences

E-bikes are so great perhaps because of the experience they provide. By offering such a different adventure to riding a regular bike – which let’s face it, can sometimes seem like a chore, an electric bike really does allow you to sit back and relax and take in the surroundings of your journey that sometimes may be missed due to the rush of the ride.

Keep your fitness levels up

Even power-assisted cycling is better than no cycling at all and regular use of your e-bike could indeed help you to keep that bit fitter without feeling like you’re running a marathon. You’ll start to notice the difference once you begin choosing your E-Bike over your car.

See places that are more accessible

We can all be guilty of taking fantastic and natural surroundings for granted, riding an e-bike gives you the chance to enjoy them without too much concentration. You will be able to access places that you wouldn’t be able to when driving a car and could even find hidden treasure spots to have picnics at or just stop off and appreciate the breeze of the trees.

Contribute to a sustainable world

By ditching your petrol powered car you are being kinder to the environment by not contributing towards air pollution.

If you decide to sell your E-Bike, they hold their worth!

Although an electric bike does initially cost more than a regular bicycle, they do tend to hold their value, so if you decide to move on, you know you’ve made a good investment because you’re making your money back and perhaps even a little more than you first paid!

So, there you have it – all the reasons why an electric bike could be ideal for you. Don’t forget – they can be turned on and off so really, you have two bikes in one, meaning that you could opt for the assisted ride to work and cycle back for a workout on your journey home. You’ll also be doing your bit for the environment by avoiding petrol powered transport.