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Electric Biking – The Road to a Happy 2018?

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Attitudes towards cycling are changing, and so are the bikes themselves. Electric bikes are making a major impact, and 2018 is looking to be the year that they really take off!

They’re more than just an economic addition to the industry, electric biking is making a real difference in people’s lives. It’s making people happy. The new year is approaching, and it’s likely that at least one of your resolutions is to become healthier – that doesn’t have to mean cutting sugar out of your diet, it can mean introducing something new, something special. An electric bike.

It’s been proven. Cycling makes you happy. A physically active lifestyle is 32% more likely to achieve a feeling of wellbeing.

But how exactly will electric biking benefit your life so greatly?

You’ll move faster

Depending on how you choose to ride your electric bike, you will travel at an average speed of 15mph without a great deal of effort. Why will this make you happy? Because when there’s a traffic jam and you need to be at work in the next 7 minutes, your e-bike will be your saviour. Don’t forget – you’ll fear steeped hilltops no more, all you’ll need to do is set your motor to the highest speed and you’ll ascend quickly and with ease.

You’ll make a lifestyle change

The psychology of New Year’s resolutions is simple. Research shows that half of all adults make them each year. It can be easy to fall into bad habits, and a resolution should be a lifestyle change that will become routine. Often, these are not stuck to because people are not realistic with their desires, the great thing about taking up cycling is that (especially if commuting, it naturally becomes part of your daily or weekly routine).

Electric bikes are that bit easier to stick with, purely because they offer the support when you need it. If you’re having a day where you’d rather not receive electrical assistance, fantastic – if you’d like to cycle 5 miles with a little help, that’s still great, because you’re still getting exercise.

You’ll improve your health

Although less effort is required, the majority of people who switch to electric bikes claim that they cycle greater distances, thus making more use of them.

Just because it’s a New Year, you do not have to put immense pressure on yourself to lose a stone by February. Go easy on yourself and go at a pace that’s right for you. Although on the face of it, a bike with a motor might not seem like the best workout, it’s a good place to start and you can gradually ease yourself in. The motor is only there to take the strain away when you need it.

An extra bonus – they’re great for crosswinds and headwinds. Cranking up the speed means that you won’t feel the attack of bitter winds!

You’ll improve your mental wellbeing

In a recent study, 1,000 adults were questioned on factors affecting well-being, such as feelings of optimism. Their answers were analysed between their answers and their lifestyle. The results proved that having an active lifestyle increased wellbeing scores by 13%.

Low-to-moderate intensity exercise is all that’s required to give yourself a boost, so imagine what 30 minutes of pedalling could do for you!

If you’re prone to revelling in those January blues, get on your bike and try to beat them.

You’ll save money

Another popular resolution – many of us are desperate to put a little more cash away when a new year approaches. Even if you still choose to drive and cycle, the more you cycle, the less you’ll spend on petrol. If you choose a bike over a car entirely, you’ll save on petrol, insurance AND tax.

Cycling is the new driving. E-bikes are also perfect for commuting, you do not require a license, therefore you still have access to all cycle lanes!

You’ll explore

With an e-bike, you can cover longer distances in a more comfortable, relaxed way. The adventures awaiting you are endless – camping trips, family bike rides, long-distance trips. The motor provides the assistance when you need it most, and you’ll be in the fresh air, seeing places, feeling alive.

You’ll go green

If you use your e-bike instead of driving a car, you are reducing emissions. What a great feeling! An electric bike is 13 times more energy efficient than a four-car door. The batteries of e-bikes can also be recycled so that they do not pose a threat to the environment. In fact, switching to an electric bike for short journeys and not using your car helps to reduce Nitrous Oxide emissions in the atmosphere!

You’ll have fun!

Despite the common goals we set ourselves for the new year, all any of us truly want is the feeling of contentment and happiness. Biking is fun, it’s social, it’s one of the most popular active sports and electric bikes make it easier for everyone to join the active travel shift. Cycling allows us to be at one with our thoughts. Imagine a quiet moment with yourself just as the sun is rising – being out on your bike can fill you with enormous gratitude and appreciation as you reflect.

The positive psychology of cycling is immense. It feels good to be on a bike, and introducing it to your daily life in 2018 is the best possible way to start the new year. Get ready to feel accomplished, strong and positive!

Which direction will you take?

The best thing about e-bikes – you have so many options. You can customise them, you can choose the power when you need it. Discover electric mountain bikes, folding electric bikes and standard e-bikes with Axcess.


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