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Essential battery-saving tips for your electric bike

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Ensure that your electric bike battery lasts the entire ride with these top tipsAxcess Electric Bikes

An electric bike can be a life-changing purchase. With less time spent sat in standstill traffic and endless opportunities to get out in the fresh air, surely you’d be mad not to buy one.

The perfect way to improve your fitness while helping to make the world a greener place, electric bikes are becoming more and more common in cities around the world.

But your electric wheels come with a small dose of responsibility; a battery pack. There’s nothing worse than a flat battery ruining your day out, but with the right preparation you’ll never have to worry. Ensure that your bike battery stands the test of time (and lasts your entire journey!) with our top tips.

Make sure it’s fully charged

This may sound like an obvious one, but here at Axcess we’ve heard horror stories of commuters stranded at work after forgetting to charge their e-bike battery the night before. Make it part of your cycling routine to charge it as soon as you get home (yes, even if you’re tired!). A full charge can take 6-8 hours – so leave it overnight and go for a kip.

Be realistic

The average bike battery can last for around 3 hours on a full charge, which could take you anywhere between 30-50 miles depending on your pedalling efforts. While we wholeheartedly encourage a lengthy bike ride to get the juices flowing, it’s not advisable to go gallivanting on a 100-mile ride with only one battery. Which brings us onto…

Buy a second charger

If you’re worried about missing out on your favourite long ride, or have an especially long route to work, it would be beneficial to buy a second charger. This way, you can leave one charger at home and one in your desired destination. Take a second charger on a long ride – a 2 hour charge on a pit-stop can give you power for an extra 30%.

Get the most out of your electric bikeIf you think there’s a problem, get it tested

If your battery seems to be having major problems, it’s worth getting it tested. This will show any issues and will confirm whether or not you need to buy a new one. It can take up to 2.5 hours so we only recommend a test as a last-resort option. A battery test at Axcess Electric Bike costs £15 plus VAT.

Keep your tyres pumped up

As anyone who’s tried to ride with one will tell you, a flat or deflating tyre will very quickly ruin your journey. Both the rider and the electric bike will waste a shedload of energy if your tyre pressure isn’t kept up, meaning your battery will rapidly start to dwindle. E-bike riders should stick to road tyres with a pressure of 50-60psi (pounds per square inch). A lot of the bikes seen at Axcess have very soft tyres – 20psi feels hard but it isn’t.  

Take care of your tyresTreat your battery well

Assuming that you’re very fond of your electric bike, please try to treat it that way. Batteries aren’t good in extreme weather so store yours at room temperature, even in winter. When the climate drops to below 10 degrees, the battery needs to be brought indoors. They also appreciate regular use, so even if you decide to store your battery during colder seasons, it’s still a good idea to charge it every other month.

Check your brakes

In the same way that your battery has a longer life span if your tyres are pumped up, it will also perform better if your brakes are in tip-top condition (also helpful for other, obvious reasons!). Check them regularly to ensure that the brakes aren’t binding against the wheels.It makes a smoother ride for you and ensures little wastage on your energy supplies.

Check your brakesBe organised

An electric bike could be one of your most valuable purchases if you keep your battery in tip-top condition. Peter Blackman, Director of Axcess Electric Bike says: ‘Remember to charge your battery regularly, store it properly and most importantly,  never leave it in a fully discharged state. We have customers who are on the 4th year with their battery and still going strong. It’s also worth noting that a hard-worked battery lasts a lot longer than an idle one!’

We recommend having regular checks on your electric bike to ensure that you’re always riding safe. Please see our list of services for more information.