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You Can Now Get An Electric Bike Over £1000 with CycleScheme

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It has been confirmed that another Cycle to Work Scheme are offering employees the chance to take advantage of getting an electric bike and accessories, costing in excess of £1000. CycleScheme has become the second scheme to allow employees this opportunity, as the Ebike revolution continues and further advances are made towards green commuting. 

Employee Electric Bike Availability Improved

We previously reported in our article, Getting an Ebike Through a Cycle to Work Scheme, that guideline changes would mean that more and more Cycle to Work schemes would be able to provide employees with this option. Prior to this news breaking, Green Commute Initiative – of which AXcess Electric Bikes are a member – were the only scheme that enabled employees to acquire a bike costing over £1000. The changes to CycleScheme mean that we could be seeing a lot more employees taking advantage of this option, and more electric bikes on both the morning and evening commute!

What’s Changed in the Last Few Months?

According to CycleScheme, “The new cycle to work guidance contained ambiguities, which we had a responsibility to resolve before proceeding with implementation.” A spokesperson for CycleScheme continued: “Having consulted with our external lawyers and evolved our scheme design, we’re now ready to confidently launch higher limit schemes and get even more people cycling.”

The change in limits is fantastic news for both cycling enthusiasts, such as the AXcess Electric Bikes team, and environmentally conscious campaigners up and down the country. Being based in Exeter, a city that has grand plans in terms of introducing more sustainable living and reducing the number of harmful emissions in the air, we were excited to hear that more employees will be able to use electric bikes on their commute. 

With CycleScheme joining Green Commute Initiative as the second UK Cycle To Work Scheme to offer employees and employers the chance to purchase electric bikes in excess of £1000, we are optimistic that other schemes can follow suit and play their part in promoting environmentally friendly commuting. 

A Variety of Ebikes for Sale for Commuters

Axcess ROK Touring electric bike

Wish to take advantage of the confirmed new guidelines from CycleScheme? Get in touch with our friendly Devon team or pop into our electric bike shop Exeter, to see the options we have and to arrange a test ride at a time that suits you. We have all types of Ebikes for sale and are sure to have the right option for your requirements.

If you live in a rural region, electric bikes with full-size wheels are probably the best option for you. Our electric road bikes are a fantastic option that offer great versatility in terms of where you can take them and level of performance. If you live in a hilly region, our road bikes are likely the very best option. If you are based in the beautiful city of Exeter, our folding electric bikes may be the most appropriate option. Here’s a list of the electric bike brands that we have on offer at our electric bike shop Exeter:


We also have a number of suitable electric bike accessories, which will invariably enhance your Ebike experience, when getting to and from work. These can now be included in your CycleScheme application.