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How Could An Electric Mountain Bike Change Your Life?

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Off-road mountain biking is popular with so many people; there’s nothing quite like the adrenaline rush of riding downhill with a stunning view ahead and the wind brushing past you. The beautiful British countryside offers the perfect terrain for many keen riders, and some even venture abroad to challenge themselves in a new environment.

Mountain Bike Rider

Whilst the downhill element can give riders a bit of a buzz, the same cannot be said for the uphill climb, particularly for new riders or those making a longer trip than usual. So, if you’re looking to go faster, further or higher in your electric mountain bike adventures in 2019, consider AXcess Electric Bikes for an upgrade.

Why Choose an Electric Mountain Bike?

Electric mountain biking has become a lot more popular in recent years and the market is growing rapidly. People are opting for these brilliant modern-day, eco-friendly products over their conventional cousins due to the huge number of benefits they can offer such as:

– Pedal assistance on hilly terrain

– Taking riders further and higher as they can conserve more energy

– Higher speed than manual pedalling

– Environmentally friendly

– Allowing riders to visit new environments that they have not explored before


With electric bike technology reaching new heights in advancements, these products have come a long way and can really aid your riding experience. If you’re interested in upgrading to a top of the range product, we’ve listed some below that are available on AXcess Electric Bikes:

Our Current Products

“Ideal” Hillmaster E9 E-MTB

Ideal Hillmaster 27.5" Mountain Bike

Suitable both on and off-road, this model is a great all-rounder that comes in 2 sizes so that you can find the perfect fit. Powered by a Shimano STEPS E6000 series motor and a Shimano 36V X 14Ah battery, this model can provide approximately 45 miles worth of travel over hilly terrain at a top speed of 15.5mph.


BH Emotion Rebel 27.5” Lite

BH Rebel 27.5"

This second-hand model is available for £1,650. It only has 18 miles on the clock so is still in top working order. Powered by a Yamaha PW 250W motor, this electric bike can travel up to 55 miles at a top speed of 20mph, making it perfect for those riders looking for a little more power.

Maximise Your Adventure with E-Bike Accessories

We also have a range of electric bike accessories that will help you get the most out of your cycling adventure. From protective gear, to navigation systems, to lights; ensure that you’re fully equipped before you set off downhill!

Look no further than AXcess Electric Bikes

If you’re looking for an electric mountain bike for your next off-road experience, AXcess Electric Bikes have a range of mountain bikes to suit your needs. Contact our knowledgeable and friendly team today to have a chat about our models and what would suit you best.