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Business owners! Here’s How To Join The Green Bike Pool Initiative

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Do you have employees that make short journeys to or from your premises? Would you like to be part of a movement that’s aiming to change the future of travel? Then read on, it’s all very straightforward, and (we think) something splendid to join!

What is the green bike pool initiative? To put it simply, it’s a way to show that your organisation is proactively working to make positive changes to the environment and to your employees.

By choosing to commute to work with an electric bike, you are making a strong statement: that you care about the environment and that the health of your employees takes top priority.

If as a company, you can show that you’re doing your bit to minimise the ecological footprint, it will reflect well on your brand, and your staff members will feel good – because cycling makes people happy.

What are the benefits of joining? You will save money, your employees will become fitter and more punctual, and the Green Bike Pool Initiative will give you all a chance to experience one of the most stimulating forms of future transport. Not to mention it’s also a huge money saver!

Changing travel behaviour is important in the world in which we’re living. Currently, business use of driving, taxis and public transport is inactive, costly and is causing pollution. However, cycling is ideal for short trips and is a darn sight cheaper.

We know what you’re thinking – who wants to cycle to work in business clothes, arriving to work dishevelled and sweaty? This is where our electric bikes play their part…

Why an electric bike? For exactly the reason we mention above. A journey on an electric bike is an enjoyable one, there’s no need to break a sweat, they are designed for relaxed riding with the power assistance that you personally require. E-bikes are the future, and it’s exciting for traditional and modern organisations to be a part of that movement.

E-bikes are easier to ride and they also provide fantastic benefits. Cycling as a sport has been proven to reduce serious illnesses, by providing your staff with a healthier way to get to work, you’re putting them first. 42% of people who don’t cycle say it’s because they’re not fit enough, but an e-bike transforms the cycling experience.

“Long distances lessen and hills vanish.” – The Green Bike Pool Initiative on electric bikes

The UK is also the fastest growing market in Europe in percentage terms, making this offer an exciting business opportunity.

Joining this movement will reduce congestion, leading to us all breathing fresh, clean air, making the environment an all round nicer place. Your workforce will be able to blitz through cycle paths, making them more efficient and timely. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

How does it all work? Simply rent the package from The Green Bike Pool, this will be a 12-month agreement which you will pay monthly.

What’s included in the green bike pool package?


What happens at the end of the 12-month agreement? You hand the bikes and equipment back to Green Pool, you enter a secondary rental agreement at a reduced cost, or you sell the bikes to your employees or take out a new agreement on a new fleet. It’s that simple.

How are Axcess Electric Bikes involved? We have teamed up with the GBPI to provide quality electric bikes for companies Devon, Cornwall, Dorset to hire as a fleet. Our special edition electric bike has been designed with business in mind, and it is part of an exclusive package for Green Bike Pool customers.

Introducing the Camargue SE

Axcess Camargue step-through


Interested to learn more? Please get in touch with Peter, Pam or Helen or give us a call on 01404 41692.