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More Commuters Favouring Electric Biking, Study Shows

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A recently published study has revealed that electric biking is becoming increasingly popular with commuters throughout Europe. Some of our European counterparts have already integrated the use of e-Bikes when travelling to and from work on a grand scale yet, in Britain, it has been a much slower progression. 

However, the figures from a recent study suggest that we are heading in the right direction, with an improved amount of commuters revealing that they are considering hopping on e-Bikes. We have a range of electric bikes Exeter and electric bikes Honiton that are ideal for your commute to work. 

The Facts and Figures

According to e-Bike Tips, the study, undertaken by YouGov and commissioned by Shimano, was carried out between January 30th and February 13th of this year. In total, almost 15,000 people were involved in the study, across ten European countries including the Netherlands, Spain, Italy and the UK. It specifies that a quarter of people Europeans would be willing to use an e-Bike to travel to their place of work. 

As we know, the people of the Netherlands have been advocates for electric bikes for some time. As a result, it is no surprise that, of the ten countries, they came out on top with 47% of people surveyed saying they do or would consider riding an e-bike to work. A large number of people involved in Spain (39%) and Italy (33%) also said they would favour an e-Bike as a means of transport to and from work. 

Meanwhile, 11% of people throughout the UK revealed that they would consider using an e-Bike to get to work. While this is low compared to the other aforementioned countries, this figure is a lot higher than most in the industry were expecting and points to a marked improvement in people’s attitude towards e-biking to work. 

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Why are More Commuters Considering An e-Bike Solution?

Participants were also questioned as to the reason for why they would consider riding an e-Bike to work over their current mode of transport. The results were as follows: 

– 34% of people said they would switch to an e-bike in order to keep fit and become healthier.

– 30% of people would switch to an e-Bike for environmental purposes. 

– 30% of people said they would change their mode of transport to save money. 

Fresh Impetus on Electric Biking

We’ve recently analysed the shift in government guidelines for all Cycle to Work schemes, as well as the benefits the change has for the electric bike providers like ourselves, in our blog post An e-Bike revolution? Cycle to Work Scheme Improvements. This alteration, alongside the findings presented via the YouGov report, presents a positive step forward us as an industry. The potential increase in e-Bike users on the commute will also supply the public health sector and environmentalists with fresh enthusiasm. 

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