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Sustainability: Electric Bikes vs. Other Transport

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Sustainability is a huge topic at the moment and people are becoming more and more conscious of the decisions they are making in their day-to-day lives, as well as how they affect the planet. As a way of minimising their personal effect on the environment, many individuals are making changes to their style of living, as well as making conscious decisions in retail with the types of products they choose to buy. As a result, the ethical goods sector has grown by over £40 billion since 2008.

These changing behaviours have also spread as far as the commute, and we are starting to see some great changes in this regard.

Group of Cyclists in the City

At AXcess Electric Bikes, we are proud to be able to provide a product that can provide a sustainable solution to the daily commute. Our electric bikes are a sustainable way for people to get to and from the office each day, whilst remaining cost and effort-effective.

What is sustainability?

Sustainability is the balancing act of the co-existence of the human race and the planet. For many years, the development of humankind and our technologies have been at the expense of the Earth, and we have been seeing a number of negative changes to the world as we know it: global warming being one of the key issues here.

Over time, people have started to realise that we need to start making some changes if we want to avoid the devastating effects that climate change is having on our planet. Many businesses and individuals have begun to make an effort to exist in a more sustainable way, and this is even being implemented at a government level.

Choose an Electric Bike for a Sustainable Commute

Many people in the South West choose to drive to work. However, this means that the roads at rush hour are full of cars, often with just one person inside. This problem is reduced in cities, where there are options for public transport such as buses, trains, subways and trams – but people still need to be aware of the CO2 emissions. With the Cycle to Work Scheme, you can select a bike you wish to have and use for your commute and, if supported by your employer, set up a salary sacrifice scheme over a year so you can save on income tax and national insurance.

The below infographic demonstrates the differences between certain transport methods and the use of an electric bike and the results are staggering.

Infographic to Show Sustainability of Electric Bikes vs. Other Transport



Even with the use of public transport, the average CO2 emissions per person is 89g per km for a bus and 70g per km for a train, and a car is even worse.

Electric bikes are an excellent, sustainable alternative to the daily commute as they help with rush hour traffic by reducing congestion, pollution and noise within cities and towns. They are also favoured by commuters over their conventional counterparts as the motor allows for a speedy commute to work with minimal effort involved, i.e. there is no need for a shower once you arrive at your desk!

Further to this, they also save commuters money in the long run as, after the initial investment, there is no need to continue paying for bus/train tickets or parking permits every day.

Sustainable Electric Bikes with AXcess Electric Bikes Exeter

AXcess Electric Bikes have a number of electric bikes suitable for your commute. Foldable electric bikes are popular with many commuters as they are much easier to transport and to store when you arrive at work, fitting nicely under your desk or in the corner of the room.

Shetland Folded Bike

For some people, having to use public transport or driving at least part of the way is unavoidable, particularly for those who live in more rural areas. However, folding electric bicycles are the ideal solution to the trip from the train or car to the office. Every little change you make will have a big impact on the environment in the long run, so why not make your first step towards a sustainable commute?

Test Drive Your Electric Bike Today

For sustainable, Devon electric bikes, look no further than AXcess Electric Bikes. Why not visit our store and test drive your new foldable electric bicycle or buy yours online today? Get in touch to see which product is right for you; our friendly and knowledgeable team are more than happy to assist you in selecting the perfect model.