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The Rise in Popularity of Electric Bikes Amongst Older Riders

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As we get older, riding a bike can become more of a challenge. Unfortunately, this causes many people to stop riding altogether which is a shame, especially as the weather gets warmer. If necessary, electric bikes take away the added effort required of a regular push bike and make keeping up with family and friends a breeze, so you don’t have to give up a wonderful hobby! There are also a number of other benefits that have sparked a rise in popularity of e-bikes amongst older riders.

Elderly Couple Cycling Electric Bikes


Electric Bikes can improve General Fitness

We regularly hear about the many benefits of cycling as a form of exercise, and electric biking is an excellent way for people of all ages to make the most of this. Electric bikes allow the rider to select the level of assistance they require – low or high – which makes them suitable for people with varying capabilities.

Despite the added assistance, e-bikes still improve riders’ general fitness as the assistance is primarily used for uphill or particularly lengthy journeys. However, the beauty of an e-bike is that you can select your assistance based on your capabilities or the terrain you are faced with, and it’s completely adjustable as your journey goes on which makes e-bikes perfect for every age and ability.


“E-Bikes Boost Mental Performance & Independence” says recent study.

As general fitness improves, often so does mental health. Not only this, but a recent study has found that riding an electric bike can actually improve the mental performance and independence of older people.

“It seems then that e-bikes have the potential to re-engage older adults with cycling and provide a great opportunity to increase physical activity and engagement with the outdoor environment.” The Conversation

Electric Bikes can Improve General Fitness

Providing more elderly people with the means to get active is an excellent way to keep their mobility up which will simultaneously improve their independence. Electric biking can be much less strenuous than riding a regular push bike as the motor does the work for you. As soon as the pedals or wheels are turning (model dependent), the motor is on and you can select the level of assistance to suit you. Having the option to be mobile can improve someone’s well-being significantly and the ability to select the level of assistance will make the purchase of an electric bike worthwhile for many years to come.


Step-Through Frames From Axcess Electric Bikes

Axcess Electric Bikes have a number of models suitable for more elderly riders, particularly those with a step-through frame. We have been told by a number of our customers that the step-throughs are the easiest to mount and dismount, which makes them a very popular choice.

We have more recently spent some time redesigning the Hunter2 and Exmoor2 to ensure the models are more modern, thus appealing to a wider market. Read about each model below:


Axcess Hunter2

Hunter2 Grey


The Hunter2 has been adapted from a previous best seller to have a smaller frame and a semi-integrated battery which locks down into the tube. These things, amongst other changes, have largely improved the weight distribution and appearance of this model. With two battery options and a throttle override function, the Hunter2 has excellent assistance to use where required.


Axcess Exmoor2

Exmoor2 White


Our Exmoor2 model is the smallest bike in our range. This 17” frame has a shorter reach to the handlebars and smaller wheels which make it perfect for shorter riders, as well as for storage in small spaces such as within a motorhome. Like with the Hunter2, this model has two battery options and a throttle override function, providing riders with that assistance.


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