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Why You Should Cycle To Work In 2016 :Cycling Facts

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Did you know cycling is actually the third most popular outdoor activity in the UK? If you’re not yet cycling to your workplace or for pleasure, it could make the biggest positive impact on your life ever; whether it’s to boost your health and wellbeing or as an environmental one.

There are a number of major benefits when it comes to cycling to work, including it also being a massive money saver! There’s never been a better time to start commuting to your place of work and by using an electric bike it’s going to make a truly positive change to your life in 2016. The advantages are endless…

23 Cycling Facts – Did you know?


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Besides the cycling fact that cycling increases an employee’s productivity by 15% on average, the benefits of biking are boundless. For most people, it can be quicker to jump in a car or head for the bus stop, but once you get into the routine and stay committed, you’ll be surprised at how easily it forms part of your daily routine. It will be one of those “I wish I had started earlier” moments.

By linking exercise in with work you’re committing to your job and exercise simultaneously, the pressure of maintaining exercising regimes therefore, is taken away as it naturally occurs. Plus, you’ll be doing all this without spending a fortune!

Travelling by bicycle is a cheaper and an environmentally friendly way to maintain a regular exercise regime. You can work out your the best route simply by using, Google Maps, Sustrans or using cycling maps.

What are the health advantages of cycling to work?

Cycling to work could be your gym on wheels, and it’s free! On average, a person loses 13 pounds in the first year of cycling alone. Keeping fit at the gym and in general can be tough, there’s finding the time, paying the fees and let’s face it – most of the time it’s easier to not go than to make the effort to attend and maintain the tendency, especially with a busy workload!

Adjusting your daily commute by cycling to work could be the lifestyle change that you really need. Cycling is much easier on the joints as it’s a low-impact type of exercise. It assists you with fitness improvement while saving you time and money – what could be better?

Aside from the physical benefits, cycling to work could also reduce stress and improve your general well-being and outlook. The activity is proven to be therapeutic for the mind and spirit.

Top health facts about Cycling to work

  1. Cycling burns 600 calories per hour
  2. 20 miles of cycling a week can reduce the risk of heart disease by 50%
  3. Over 23,500 people per year die early due to Nitron Dioxide
  4. Cyclists, on average live 2 years longer than non-cyclists
  5. Cyclists breathe 60% less carbon monoxide than a driver
  6. Fitness from cycling leads to an improvement of up to 15% in mental tests

Sitting in traffic in a gridlocked city is nobody’s ideas of fun, but biking to work can be a calmer and more relaxing way of getting to where you need to be.

Cycle to work for the environment

Bikes are a quick and green way of getting around. The days of sitting in smoky traffic worried that you won’t make it to work in time could be over. Did you know that 80% of all pollution comes from traffic? By riding your bike to work, you can avoid contribution to the production of gas and skip the waiting around. Cycling 10km each way to work every day would save 1500 kg of greenhouse gas emissions each year. What are you waiting for?

Economic benefits of cycling to work

As well as contributing heavily to the pollution of the world, cars, buses and trains can be an extremely expensive way of getting around. Driving is an endless money drainer, from the moment you start learning to drive through to paying tax, insurance and petrol. As well as selecting biking as an alternative to driving, it is also a much cheaper option than public transport. Bikes are relatively inexpensive to purchase and maintain, you could wave goodbye to those pesky petrol funds today!

Why not use the cyclist calculator and work out exactly how much YOU’D save

Pedal to be punctual

Ride straight past the hold-ups on your way to work and go at your own pace. By riding to work you will save a huge amount of time and in general get from point A to point B within your predicted time frame.

Cycle to work to improves working performance

By having a healthy body, you’ll have a healthy mind too. By getting out into the fresh air and switching on your brain, you’ll have a more active mindset for the working day ahead. Exposing yourself to additional daylight automatically increases your mood and research shows that exercising before work advances motivation for the day and increases the ability to deal with workload and general stress.

A survey of which 10,000 people took part for Cyclescheme shows that two-thirds of women consider themselves to have been more productive since they started riding into work. 64% felt more creative on the job while 77% stated that they felt more focused. Could cycling to work be a possible method for promotion?

Ever wondered what happens to your body when you’ve cycled for one hour?

Cycle to work and stay safe

Help make a positive change for yourself and others around you by getting on your bike to your workplace. For further information on how to set out about doing this, please visit

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