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The parent company of Ideal bikes are Shimano wholesalers. The factory assembles electric bikes for a number of brands. Ideal is their own brand and is available in several EU Countries. The bikes, which are avilable in a range of sizes, are made to order, so ensuring maxim availability. If not in stock, delivery is 14 days. They all feature the Shimano Steps crank motor.

The Shimano STEPS E6000 motor featured on the 2018 Ideal range  is fully weatherproof and weighs 3.2Kg while delivering  an output torque of 50Nm. The torque sensor on the bike provides a seamless riding experience.  Shimano claim that after 1000 charges, the battery should only show a marginal drop in performance.

The system is managed by the handlebar mounted cycle computer.  As well as selecting the power level the computer provides a wealth of information including speed, distance, trip time, clock, gear, estimated range& battery indication.

IDEAL E-Bikes are 100% certified by Hansecontrol Cert laboratory in Hamburg, Germany. Testing includes mechanical for frame and fork, mechanical dynamic (roller bench) or complete bike, electrical safety, electromagnetic compatibility, and chemical safety. FuTour M, L and W are certified up to 140kg combined weight too. The HUMPERT ERGOTEC bar, stem and post, are tested up to that weight.

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