Axcess Mustang crossbar

The Mustang crossbar is available as a road bike with long mudguards or with a MB specification


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The Axcess Mustang remains an economocally priced thoroughly reliable workhorse with many having clocked up thousands of miles on Cycle to Work schemes.

As a leisure bike the the simplicity of the parts and continued availability of spares means that they remain a good choice for sustainability over an extended period.

The improvements which we have introduced over the years have kept the bike popular especially with those who do not wish or are not able to pedal hard all the time.  The introduction of the throttle which works when the pedals are being turned, even if no pressure is put on the pedals has proved of great benefit to weaker riders.  The continued ability to insert an optional 16 Ah battery with a range of 45 – 50 miles has also been useful for some.  Since 2016 all Axcess range bikes are fitted with new battery technology. The cells in the battery are constructed differently, each cell is smaller and manufactured similarly to a standard dry cell. This provides more concentrated energy in each cell (known as 18650 cells) and improved quality assurance.  The height of the 16 Ah battery has been reduced from 470 mm. to 400 mm and weight reduced by 900 grams.

The Mustang is fitted with a Sports handlebar, and quill stem, often called a city stem. This gives more options for riding position and especially the ability to ride in a more upright position. Secondly, in line with the entire Axcess range of bikes the electrics have been modified so that all the electric components on the handlebar are plugged into the main loom.

Equally capable of giving you many miles of great leisure cycling, or delivering you to work clean and un-puffed, the 19” framed Mustang Roadster is a pleasure to use. All Axcess brand electric bikes have the choice of 3 levels of electric assistance and 6 Shimano gears to ensure that you the rider can call on the power when you need it needed, either to climb an incline or to reduce the effort so preventing you getting hot and sweaty.

The 250 watt motor (the maximum allowed for UK road use) is powered by a 36 volt 10Ah battery which we have tested as delivering 25 -30 miles on medium power pedal assist. The optional 36V X 16 Ah battery will deliver 45 – 50 miles for a competent cyclist. Batteries can be charged on the bike or unlocked and removed. The saddles tilt to enable the battery to be removed. saddles are fitted wit a quick release on the stem for height adjustment and the saddle has a reflective rear strip and reflector.

The new thumb throttle works up to 4mph. and makes it even easier and safe to start off on a hill or in traffic.  When pedaling the thumb throttle will instantly give you full power up to 15.5mph. But if you stop pedaling, the bike will slow to 4mph. You can also switch OFF the pedal assist and ride the bike as a normal bike, with the throttle immediately available – at the flick of a thumb.

Full length mudguards, and full chain guard keep the rider clean. The handlebars are adjustable for height and reach which combine with zoom front suspension forks to give you a comfortable ride. Wuxing brake levers are fitted with sensors which cut the motor as soon as the lever is pulled so you never brake against the motor power.

Double wall aluminium wheel rims and 26” X 1.95” hybrid tyres give the bike a rugged appearance. The value, quality, power and reliability make the Mustang Roadster a great work horse.

The Axcess Mustang Mountain is a new breed of mountain bike that helps you over the rough patches and lets you enjoy the ride. It is equipped with mountain bike tyres, mudguards and pedals, for more rugged appearance and use.

Improved Warranty.

The frames on the bikes are guaranteed 24 months.

The motors on the bikes are guaranteed 24 months

The batteries have a 24 month qualified guarantee. 90% capacity after 12 months and 75% capacity after 24 months. The right is reserved to inspect the battery for signs of neglect, lack of use, misuse or immersion in water.

All other components are guaranteed 12 months

Consumable items such as brake pads and tyres are not covered unless of faulty construction.

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I used to enjoy cycling but gave it up due to the hills becoming steeper as I aged!! My Mustang has given me freedom and I don't have to wait for buses anymore. Can't recommend an electric bike too much. Access have bikes to suit everyone and with great back up as well.

Mr A R

Bought 2 bikes....Mustang and Exmoor. Peter was very knowledgable and helpful.

Mr M

We purchased two Axcess electric bikes in March of this year, ( a Hunter and a Mustang) and we could not have been more pleased. Since then we have covered many miles,and hills are no problem. The only one small criticism is that they are considerably heavier than our old bikes when loading on our cycle rack,even with battery removed, but a small price to pay for two first class bicycles !

Verified Buyer

Mustang second hand three years old. I have no car now out of choice. The bike is sturdy reliable and indispensable. The battery is sound the motor consistently powers me up hills even though shopping in paniers is heavy. I use the bike as much as four times a week for a 6mile round trip to the shops. The route includes hills. I use the gears to keep the wheels rolling and even in a low gear I arrive sweat free and relaxed. The masochistic me wants to arrive panting and sweaty as then I know my system has had a proper workout. The realistic me says you'd never get the shopping home.
The I thoroughly recommend the bike and the shop to all e bike purchasers. On low gear I recharge after 15 miles max.

Mr J G

Technical Specification

Bike Model Axcess Mustang Crossbar Roadster and Mountain Bike. Standard Specification
Battery Type 36 Volt X 10Ah Lithium Ion 36 Volt X 16Ah Lithium Ion
Power 250 watt brushless motor
Weight 25 Kg with battery Weight of battery 3.8 Kg
Load Capacity 120 kg (for hill start with throttle)
Maximum Speed 15 mph. Under power for UK law.
Climbing Ability 15° Throttle only.
Charge Time 4-6 hours Full Charge 2-3 hours Part Charge
Wheels 26 inch
Frame 19 inch
Range in Miles 10Ah Battery. 15 - 20 miles throttle only 25 - 30 miles medium power pedal assist 16Ah Battery. 25 - 30 miles throttle only. 45 - 50 miles medium power pedal assist.
Front Suspension Front
Gears 6 speed Shimano Tourney, with Shimano SIS Index gear shift
Brakes Type Tektro V brakes front and rear
Stand Side Stand
Lights Type Reflectors only. Light upgrades available.
Rack Rear Rack with 25Kg safe working load.
Chain Teflon Coated Steel
Power Control OFF/ON button. 3 Pedal Assist Power settings. Thumb Throttle.
Handlebar Adjustment Quill Stem,adjustable for height reach and angle.
Tyres Type 26 inchX 1.95 inch.
Price 10Ah battery: £995    16Ah battery: £1215.00

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