Wisper 705 & 705T step through

Wisper 705 Torque step-through now has an established reputation for quality and reliability

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The attractive Wisper 705 Step-Through frame is a strong construction and comfortable to ride. It shares the same specification as the Wisper 905 and so batteries and parts are interchangeable. The 705T Upgrade is now UK managed as explained below.

NEW Wisper 705.  (replaces Wisper 705SE)  26″ wheel

  • Upgraded motor. Now has same high torque motor as 705T.
  • Front suspension forks as standard.
  • Same parts as 705T (except Controller and Torque sensor)
  • Twist throttle to 4 mph.without turning the pedals for hill starts.
  • When pedalling, throttle works to 15.5mph (25kph).
  • 26” Wheel size
  • Colours available: Black, Blue Red

The New Wisper 705, (which replaces the Wisper 705SE) now shares virtually all its parts with the higher priced Wisper 705T, whereas previously certain important components were different – such as the motor and the front forks.   The 705T upgrade is now available with the same basic specification with the addition of a torque sensor pedal assist and upgraded electronic controller.

The comfort and style of the 705 has always been popular with 3 battery options available with at the time of purchase.  Recently the 36V X 375Wh (10.4Ah)  and 36V X 575Wh (15.9Ah)  batteries have been supplemented by a 36V X 700Wh (19.4Ah) which should give averagely fit riders over reasonably hilly terrain around 60 miles and over easy conditions on lower power up to double that distance.

The equipment on all Wisper bikes is of good quality, with hydraulic disc brakes, Shimano Tourney 7speed derailleur and Shomano SIS gear change.  The electrics have a clear LCD display giving the rider, speed, battery state, power setting information and odometer information.  On the left hand handlebar there is also twist throttle delivering 4mph from a standing start without the pedals being turned which is so useful for hill starts.  While the pedals are being turned, the throttle will operate up to 15.5mph (25kph) for EU Law.

The 705T upgrade kit changes the bike from a cadence sensor to a torque sensor.  This means that the motor responds to the pressure that you put on the pedals.  This sensor is operated by an enlarged 18Amp electronic controller installed in the battery compartment.


Wisper Extended Warranty:


  1.  Bicycle and Electrical Components Two Years
  1. All bicycle components, excluding brake pads, discs, tyres and other wearable components.
  2. Electrical components, including controller, LCD display, speed or torque sensor, battery, motor, lights and battery charger.


  1.  Battery Two Years
  1. Battery Voltage is warranted not to fall by more than 30% within two years after purchase.
  2. Your battery Warranty will be void if any attempt is made to open the battery case, unless authorised in writing by an officer of Amps Electric Bikes Ltd.


  1.  Frame Ten Years
  1. Wisper frames are warranted against failure for ten years. The frame does not include any bearings, fixings, the rack or front forks and paintwork is excluded.


  1.  Exceptions to the Warranty
  1. Consumable items such as tyres, inner tubes, chains, chain wheels, sprockets, brake pads, handlebar grips or cables.
  2. Corrosion, rust, hairline cracks in paint, chips in the paint, water damage, the results of fatigue and any damage, failure or loss caused by accident, misuse, abuse or theft.
  3. Poor care and maintenance, overloading with excessive weight, towing, incorrect assembly and modifications to the bike, mounting and remounting of accessories.
  4. Damage resulting from use in competitions, jumping or other types of extreme use.


  1.  General Conditions
  1. Warranties are transferable on the condition that the bike is certified in good working order by an authorised Wisper Service Centre at the time of the transfer.  The transfer application must be made in writing to Amps Electric Bicycles Ltd with a letter from the Wisper Service Centre certifying the bicycle is in good working order. Full details of the original owner with a copy of the original sales invoice showing frame and battery serial numbers must be provided. The warranty is only transferred on confirmation in writing from Amps Electric Bicycles Ltd. Any warranty claim by the second owner must be accompanied by a copy of this confirmation.
  2. Your bike will only be covered under this warranty on the condition it was purchased from an approved Wisper retailer.
  3. Proof of purchase with date of purchase must be supplied if requested.
  4. All warranty work must be performed by an approved Wisper Service Centre.
  5. Warranty includes the replacement of parts and the cost of shipping to an approved Wisper Service Centre based in the UK.
  6. Claims for loss of use or any other compensation are excluded.
  7. In the event of any claim on warranty, the original warranty period will not be extended.
  8. In the case of a claim for a damaged frame, the frame or complete bike (cleaned) must be sent to Amps Electric Bicycles Ltd for examination. We reserve the right to charge for any labour, and/or delivery and collection.
  9. Your warranty will be void if you elect to repair a defective product yourself or if you use a replacement part not supplied by Amps Electric Bikes Ltd.
  10. We will not be liable for any damage, failure or loss caused by the use of unauthorised components.
  11. Disassembling any part or component beyond that which is shown in the Owner’s Manual will void the warranty on that item and any other components that we determine are affected by such disassembly.


Keeping You on the Road:


If within the two-year warranty period, your Wisper bike malfunctions and is not usable due to a failure covered in our Warranty. We will on request from the supplying Wisper Service Centre supply a courtesy bike for your use until your Wisper bicycle is back on the road.  We cannot guaranty you will receive the same model. Courtesy bikes must be returned in a clean and road-worthy condition or a charge may be made.  We reserve the right to charge you the full new retail price if a courtesy bike is lost or is not returned when requested.

Failure to register your Wisper Bike on-line within two weeks of purchase will disqualify you from receiving a courtesy bike in the event of a breakdown.

Keeping You on the Road is only available on 2016 Wisper Bicycle Models and only applies to the original purchaser, if you need confirmation please contact us.

Nothing in the above affects your statutory rights.

Additional information

Weight23 kg


I bought a Wisper 705 electric bike last month. I find it very easy to ride, the gears are efficient, though I changed the saddle for a gel one. The staff at Axcess are extremely knowledgable and helpful. They adjusted the handlebars and saddle to accommodate my 2 Total Knee Replacements. I felt comfortable riding it straight away.

Mrs G A

I recently bought a Wisper 705 Torque from Axcess Bikes. I found the staff very helpful and they answered all my questions regarding the bike before I purchased it. I was able to take the bike away with me on the same day after it had been checked over.

Mrs Lynn Waters

The Whisper is a great bike for cycling beginners like me who have not ridden a bike for 30 years. Axcess are a most professional retailer and were very helpful in helping me find a suitable bike. Well done to the team! Tony Mackness

Mr Anthony Mackness

Technical Specification

Bike ModelWisper 705 & 705T
Battery Type36 V x 375 Wh, 575 Wh or 700 Wh Lithium Ion
Power250 watt High Torque brushless motor
Weight23 Kg with 375 battery, 24 Kg with 575 battery 24.5Kg with 700w Battery
Load Capacity135 Kg. (20 st. 9 lb.)
Maximum Speed15 Mph/25 Kph for EU law.
Charge Time375 Wh 6 hrs max. 575 & 700 Wh 8 hrs max
Wheels26 inch
FrameHand welded 6061 aluminium alloy
Range in Miles375 Battery approx 30 miles, 575 battery approx 50 miles, 700 battery 70 miles. All in medium power pedal assist.
Front SuspensionSuntour SR adjustable forks
GearsShimano Tourney 7 speed derailleur and SIS gear shifter
Brakes TypeTektro hydraulic discs.  180mm front and 160mm rear.
StandKick Side Stand
Lights TypeSpannings 15W LED Superbright front lamp and 36 V rear light. Powered by main battery.
Rack25 Kg SWL.
ChainKMC Z51RB Rust resistant chain & 52 tooth chain wheel
Power ControlLCD Display, OFF/ON switch. 4 levels of power assistance. Speed (mph) Odometer, Trip, Battery state clock.
Tyres TypeKENDA puncture resistant
Handlebar AdjustmentAlloy quick release adjuster.
705T UpgradeReplacement pure sinewave Controller.  Torque sensor pedal assist
Price705    £1399 - 375Wh battery   £1549 - 500Wh battery   £1699 - 700Wh battery705T    £1699 - 375Wh battery   £1849 - 575Wh battery   £1999 - 700Wh battery

Shipping of bikes will be FREE on all orders to Standard UK mainland Post Codes and ISLE of WIGHT. We employ an overnight courier for bike delivery.

Shipping is charged on Accessories according to weight and destination. The price quoted is for 2 – 5 days delivery and the service is tracked.

For delivery to Highlands, Off Shore Islands, EU and other destinations, please contact us and we will give you a quotation for your delivery. We do not expect to make a profit on shipping, so our quote will be the price that the carrier has given us.

Payment for an order will only be accepted in full if we can dispatch your electric bike complete within 3 working days. If we are unable to do this we will contact you and give you the up to date situation, and re-fund any money paid. If you pay a £100 deposit on an electric bike, we will book your purchase and guarantee that the price does not increase. You may, of course, change your order.

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