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March 1, 2018 Cycling News

There’s a brilliant way to make your cycle trips practical and pleasant, and we want you, our customers to know about it.

At Axcess, our aim is to help people of all ages enjoy cycling, and our electric bikes are a big part of that, but asides from power assistance, cycling is also about knowing where you’re going and how you’re going to get there.

So, you’ve got your electric bike, and now all you need is a customised route planner to help you find the most efficient way to get from A to B. And we’ve found it. All in this fantastic app, ‘Ride With GPS’. It’s easy to create a free online account, and you can use it on a computer to view your route and print it, use it on your mobile phone while riding or on a wearable GPS receiver.

What does Ride With GPS do for you?

Wherever you are, you can discover the best route and fine-tune it; whether you fancy a relaxed park ride or a steep uphill challenge. Your bike rides can be planned on the website or app, and you can even find saved routes from other users all across the UK! There are many other benefits…

  • You’ll never get lost
  • Find a different way to ride locally or start planning a brand new trip
  • Use the bike planner to form your commute
  • Ride with total confidence

How to plan your route

Simply click on the roads that you would like to travel. The programme will tell you how many miles your planned route is and will alert you of any elevations to expect. You will also receive a sheet with a clear list of directions to follow. Your saved ride can then be downloaded to a wearable/mountable GPS receiver or followed on the app with your mobile phone. Easy peasy!

Make cycling a true pleasure

The team at Axcess Electric Bikes feel that this is a useful programme for our customers to utilise. Despite your key motivation for cycling, you’re bound to get more pleasure from your commute by following your own custom route.

Ride With GPS allows you to track your personal statistics and goals, you can set a bespoke goal that matters to you, alternatively, you can just track your progress yearly and use analysis tools to review your riding data.

We believe it to be a brilliant tool for everyone, particularly for those who own a caravan or holiday home and take their bikes to various parts of the UK. It’s a chance for you to explore so many avenues, all at the click of a button.

What are the most common motivations for cycling?

In the ever-shifting world of cycling, there are always exciting changes being made. As an electric bike store, we understand how technology fantastically contributes to the way people ride. Sophisticated riding for all – that’s what we believe in.

With features like assisted riding and simple route planners, cycling as a travel choice is becoming more popular by the minute. The following are the most common reasons to go biking:

  • Enjoyment
  • Saving money on public transport
  • Keeping fit
  • Reducing pollution
  • Relieving stress
  • Avoiding congestion

Axcess Electric Bikes

Your many adventures await you, and we stock a wonderful range of e-bikes online and in-store to make your journeys smooth. With electrical assistance, motors and batteries, you will have the power to tackle any route with the power to get faster and further than ever before.

Why not browse our range here?

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We felt the price for our 2 bikes was competitive and the service from Axcess to be very prompt. We had a problem with one bike and Axcess replaced it straight away. Since we have had the bikes, very hot weather and farm work have prevented us from giving them a good test but we feel sure that they will prove to be excellent.
Great service from the staff informative and very helpful on choosing my bike. It's was delivered to my address all set up ready to go. Only been on it twice as not had it long but great fun and exercise out in the fresh air. Would recommend.
The bike just suits my wife’s style of riding and the ease of use is awesome. Now she goes uphill and I am left behind. Should have bought one years ago....
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