Who Benefits from the Electric Bike?

March 30, 2017 Electric Bikes

Electric bicycles are green, clean and incredibly cheap to run. With their immense potential, they make a brilliant alternative to the car, standard bicycle and public transport.

The target market for e-bikes is shifting to welcome all walks of life and in this article, we aim to show our prospective customers exactly who can use e-bikes and how they make fantastic life improvements.

If you fall into one of the following categories, read more to find out who uses electric bikes and how an e-bike can transform the way you get around!

The recreational rider

When you’re out for a leisurely ride, the last thing you want is excessive sweating. Using an electric bike for light sporting activities is a brilliant and efficient way to ensure that you’re keeping fit without breaking a sweat. Whether it’s a cycle around the park or a cycle track route, power-assisted cycling is an ideal way to ride for pleasure. Use your e-bike to visit friends and find yourself conveniently skipping traffic!

recreational e-bike rider

The student rider

Travelling to and from university campuses on an e-bike is becoming increasingly popular. Dodge the speeding cars, avoid long waits at bus stops and save money! You can travel between classes and charge your portable battery as you go. If you live in a dorm room, you can even choose a folding electric bike, which can be put into storage for convenient living. A growing number of universities are supporting e-bike riders with cycle schemes.

The elderly rider

Electric bicycles have helped many of our senior clients to get active again. Offering low impact exercise and a fantastic method of mobility, hills will no longer be a bother and becoming exhausted mid-ride is a thing of the past. Due to the power-assistance components, you can use your e-bike to make short trips around town, to visit family and take part in leisure activities.

The commuting worker

Exercising at the start and end of your working day makes a significant difference to your working life and fitness level. With an electric bike, you can avoid the work sweats and quick showers before meetings, by travelling with ease and speed. At Axcess Electric Bikes, we understand how important punctuality and productivity is in the workplace, and an e-bike will ensure that you maintain efficiency. Foldable electric bikes are also a great option for the work commuter, as they can be folded and carried on buses or trains – perfect!

commuting electric bike

The delivery rider

With no tax and insurance fees, electric bikes are ideal for those who provide food delivery services. Getting you to where you need be quickly and with low environmental impact, electric bikes are changing the way that deliveries take place. This mode of transport will also allow you to cover extensive ground in shorter spaces of time.

delivery driver electric bike

The urban rider

With an electric bike, those living in urban environments can expect to park easily, get to work more quickly, weave in and out of traffic jams, and save money. All of this is blended with light exercise and efficient trips, so whether you’re off to visit a friend or you’re taking a trip to the city, electric bikes are a fantastic solution for those who are tired of paying parking fees or catching the bus.

mountain biking electric bike

The mountain climber

Many people look into purchasing an electric bike due to the struggle of climbing hills without assistance. With an e-bike your cycling trip will enable you to give much less effort when it comes to steep hills.

The family rider

Breeze through the parks with children and get around faster without having to peddle furiously. The family rider truly benefits from the electric bike, you won’t tire easily and your children will love the endless adventures you can embark upon with them!

Axcess Electric Bikes

We provide an extensive range of electric bicycles at exceptional value to take the hard work out of cycling and put the fun and practicality back into your journey. We stock and supply e-bikes throughout the UK containing the highest brands including Raleigh, Axcess and Batribike. Browse our range today and order your e-bike online or pop into our Cornwall Exeter bike stores for a test ride!

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The bike is comfortable and easy to use.
We called in to Access on impulse and we both road tested 2 bikes each. I bought one because it is quite simply the most comfortable bike I have ever ridden. No stretch forward straining my upper back and neck. My bike is the Access Exmoor. No hard sell, and a knowledgeable team
Having reached the age of 71, I decided that having retired I would get myself a bike again, and after much thought and also a lot of time on the internet, I decided that an electric bike would suit me better, and also that a folding bike would be useful as I could go places with my bike in the car, without the hassle of removing a wheel each time, also living in a flat a folding bike in It's bag is a lot less obtrusive. While on the Internet I came across 'Axcess Electric Bikes' site, this was not only very helpful, but gave a very wide choice of bikes, both in style and price. I drove up to Honiton to have a look at them for real. On arrival I saw a second-hand bike outside which I really liked, but It was not a folding one and I had to remind myself that I had decided on a folding Bike. On going in The showroom I was greeted by a very friendly lady who as it turned out was very helpful and knowledgeable. There was no pressure to buy and was encouraged to take my time to look at the stock. I decided to buy a New Axcess Shetland and asked to take it with me. The Gent who was working on the bikes in the workshop area, said that he would check it over immediately, and he also demonstrated how it folded and fitted in the bag which I also purchased. I was allowed to take it out for a test ride before purchase. It is a lovely bike, as has a really firm feel to it, and ideal for what I want. Being a folding bike it has a step through frame which I find easier a feature that even my Sister likes. (Come to that she did not want me to take the bike away with me when I visited her.). I use it for shopping, going on photography outings, or just going for a ride. I am still amazed as to how effective the battery assist is. The ratings only go up to very good, but I would rate both the bike and the firm as excellent. Should I decide to buy another Bike in the future, I shall go straight to Axcess Elctric Bikes of Honiton. Since retiring from a very physical job I found my knees were getting stiff, cycling has cured that. Thank You
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